While there are enough reasons and pointers on the kinds of men that women should avoid, here’s a look at the kind of women that men should be wary of:

1. LAZY & UNDOMESTICATED women: These ones can’t do the basics such as cooking a simple thing such as tea or to save their lives. Differently put, they are clueless on the domestic front. So clueless that they are not in a position to even supervise their own house helps. How can you supervise what you do not know?


These types are needy. She wants someone to save her from virtually everything. She suffers from mood swings. She’s always sulking. She’s such an irritant. She wants this, she wants that. If it’s not her, it’s her brother, sister, parents & anybody related to her. If she’s disappointed, she can do anything including prostitution, incest & murder.

3. MISS GOLD DIGGER: She sees a man & immediately she wants nothing but money. This type of woman expects a man to finance her entire life just because she is a woman. All she does is bum around. She’s not ashamed of posting her sexually revealing images in social media. To her, men were put on this earth to be her personal walking & talking bank accounts.

4.DADDY’S LITTLE PRINCESS: A woman who was spoiled by her dad. She has expensive taste & expects only the best like her daddy provided. She uses her father as a yardstick to examine men she dates. She is an attention seeker. If she even breaks a nail, she expects you to drop everything you are doing to drive her to the nail salon, immediately.

5. MISS PSYCHO: She is a drama queen. Insecure, nagging, controlling & always a victim. She loves drama & exaggerating everything. Her motto is ‘I live for you & I have nothing else to do’: This one is totally dependent on you & her happiness & survival depends on you. She can’t think of a life without you & of course you will love the affection initially, later it will become suffocating.

She will keep messaging you & asking you for updates every minute & if you don’t tell her ‘I love you’ often in a day she will feel the world is ending for her. She can call her man 10 times a day. If disappointed, she’s capable of sleeping with her boss, tutor, landlord, house boy, boyfriend’s best friend & then play victim. She wants to know your every move & asks how you’ve been when she just spoke to you an hour ago. If there is any woman to avoid at all costs, the Psycho is the one. She will insert herself into your life & shake all aspects of your existence. It is easy to fall for the Psycho as she brings intensity & a passion that is borderline supernatural.

6 THE BIG BOSS,THE MICROMANAGING WOMAN: While she’s sweet & well – mannered initially, you soon realises that she’s only about bossing a man around. Even if you talk to your friends, you have to give a whole background & history about how you know the person he was talking to.

This one will try to control your entire life. She’ll have an opinion about how you should spend your money, chew your food, iron your clothes, wash your shirt.. Some pride from the kind of courses & careers they pursued, schools & colleges they attended, great personalities they studied or worked or dated with.. She’s always MS. RIGHT. She has stubbornness for being correct.

She has to be right about anything & everything to the point that your slightest word had better be in agreement with her’s. If you disagree or prove her wrong, there is hell to pay. While her great qualities may make you want to hang in there & overlook (or modify) her ferocity, Ms. Right is one of the types that cannot be changed.

7. THE CRIPPLINGLY INSECURE WOMAN: This can come out in a variety of ways: the girl who is constantly talking negatively about herself or fishing for compliments; the girl who derives all of her value from how she looks; the girl who is overly flirtatious to every guy she meets; the girl who uses her body to gain affirmation from men. Of course we should be willing to affirm our significant other—especially in areas they feel self-conscious about—but if a woman is relying on you for her self-worth, it can be a dangerous game. Her worth was never meant to come from you.

Gentlemen, when you see such women, run for the hills..

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