Dr. Peter Kazambe has died

Former Member of Parliament and RN Julian Lunguzi shared a message remembering Dr. Peter Kazembe:

“If we had many like you, the Malawi Health Care System would have been one of the best. You are, unlike many, not self-centered.”

That was in November 2016 ago when Dr. Kazembe invited me as the Guest of Honour at the Baylor College of Medicine and Children’s Hospital’s 10th Year Anniversary.

If you have seen the facility, then you will understand the extent of late Dr Kazembe’s patriotism in a time when looting and plundering was more fashionable.

Dr Kazembe loved Malawi.

I remember telling him:

“You are our hero; you are so selfless.”

I was not the only one. Donors from Baylor University trusted him with their money, and he delivered. Today we even have a beautiful maternity wing at Area 25 courtesy of late Dr Kazembe’s dedication and integrity.

Today we are learning of unprecedented plunder of government resources. Had Dr Peter Kazembe been a thief like these others we are learning about, we would not – today – be talking about Baylor Children’s Hospital or Area 25 Health Centre Maternity Wing.

Let it be said at any Memorial Service for Dr. Peter Kazembe and be written for posterity that Dr Peter Kazembe, a giant amongst dwarfs, was and remains our hero.

Let it be known and remembered that he was the best friend to our children, the Children of mother Malawi; and that this learned doctor’s skills and gifts included a rare ability to speak and understand the language only spoken and understood by children.

On a personal note, I feel honored to have worked under Dr Peter Kazembe as a Matron at Kamuzu Central Hospital.  It was super fun and inspiring.

Rest well Doc. You will always remain dear in our hearts.

To the Kazembe Family: your loss is our loss, we mourn with you

May the Beautiful Soul of Dr Peter Kazembe Rest in Eternal Peace.

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