adventurous teenagers in action.  (Image by YanLev)

The incessant tale of the Millennials taking over the travel industry has brought with it the rise of another group, the iGeneration, commonly referred to as Generation Z. Perhaps the mere fact that they were tagged along their parents’ expeditions, is likely to be the cause of their adventurous nature from a tender age. Now in their teenage years, Gen Zs are more intrepid than ever before, and are causing a real-time disruption in the travel and hospitality industry.

A Virtuoso’s 2017 Luxe Report, shows that by 2020, the iGeneration will account for approximately 40% of all consumers with disposable income to travel. More than their predecessors, this venturesome lot is extremely interested in more personalized hospitality services and products. Immersion travel thus becomes a catchphrase that service providers strive at attaining when offering travel options.

While they can best be described as sophisticated, these post-Millennials view travel through a more open-minded perspective; and are ready to sample as much offerings from the umpteen tourist destinations worldwide. They embrace multiculturalism, are involved with global issues such as environmentalism, and are not afraid to explore bohemian odysseys.

Whether on a safari to Africa, an ice climbing expedition on Iceland’s glaciers, or volcano boarding in Nicaragua; the search for lifetime thrills is endless among the iGeneration. Noticeably, is that all their moments are captured and shared on social media, since they are deeply ingrained into the internet of things. They will review online, recommend, and even dissuade their peers not to try certain destinations or accommodation properties if their expectations are unmet.

Gen Z in an ice climbing expedition.      (Image by My Good Images)

This calls for emphasis on innovative approaches by hospitality players especially boutique hotel owners, as these are most preferred residences by Gen Zs due to their provision for privacy. Furthermore, providing 24hr internet/ free wi-fi connection, and incorporating tailored sports facilities, as well as social amenities such as a well-stocked onsite bar/club among others, will go a long way in profiting hoteliers who aim at tapping into this highly gainful playfield created by the ruling iGeneration.

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