Safe MotherhoodIn a bid to ensure better healthy for children Mai Khanda conducted a collaboration training session meeting aimed at improving neonatal health and quality of providing skills which improves access to neonate care.


Project Operations Gender and Advocacy Coordinator for Mai Khanda Lonnex Kachamba made the remarks in an interview with Maravi Post yesterday at Golden Peacock Hotel: Where among others highlight that neonatal death ratio of newborns and under-five children are increasing with an estimate of 18 percent per 100 preventable deaths.



“The session is of great importance as it put together health experts from 13 hospitals in Malawi to share experiences on preterm babies. That is why Mai Khanda is involved in training skilled birth attendants in Basic, Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care, Kangaroo Mother Care, Helping Babies Breathe and Community Based Maternal and Newborn Care to reduce the infants born preterm deaths”, he said.


He also reveals that the risk for those born every premature (24-33 weeks) is even higher, with a 75 per cent risk of death within the first six weeks according to ‘Born Soon’ report. This has negatively affect health system hence conducting the training to reduce the out- cry of preterm deaths.


 District Health Officer for Salima Michael Kayange in his sentiments said preterm babies are also at increased risk of post-neonatal mortality, stunting and long-term neurodevelopmental impairment during children. Therefore, engaging experts to come up with lasting solutions is critical importance.


“For instance, Syphilis in pregnant mothers- which is high in Malawi is a risk factor for preterm birth and it can also lead to congenital syphilis which is hazardous to children development. Screening and timely treatment of Syphilis are proven to decrease neonatal mortality for success of health sector”, he lamented.

In additional,  Kayange renounce that in Malawi mothers with active Syphilis are 11 times more likely to have stillbirths, 18 time more likely to have a macerated stillbirths. However, use of antenatal corticosteroids to manage preterm labour not only reduces newborn death by 31 per cent, but also reduces the need for specialized care for newborns, such as ventilators.

Malawi intends to end preventable deaths through Ministry of health and collaboration with various departments’ including development partners such as UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO and many others. The plan underpins Malawi’s commitment to bending the curve for newborn survival, thereby, maintaining the gains in MDG 4 by reducing neonatal mortality and identifying priority actions to improve neonatal health care services.

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