While intelligent countries are seeking how to draw tourists to their lands, Nigeria, under General (rtd) Buhari and Professor of Law cum Pastor Osinbajo, is doing the very opposite. Leaving aside COVID-19 considerations, the UK travel advice for Nigeria is either “Advise against all travel” or “Advise against all but essential travel”, for the entire territory. Meanwhile, the USA travel advisory states, “Reconsider travel to Nigeria due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, and maritime crime.”

What we are witnessing is the burial of Nigeria, an ungoverned space that has become a shelter for savageIslamist terrorists. In December 2020, the influential USA House of Representatives non-partisan Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission hearing on Nigeria provided evidence that Nigeria has no effective civilian security, no effective police protection, and terrorists appear to enjoy freedom of movement. All this meaning that organised criminals are terrorising Nigerians across the land. 

More recently, on 28th April 2021, the USA’s Former Members of Congress Association (FMC) hosted an important meeting via Zoom titled, “Human Rights In Nigeria And The Role OfCongress”. The aim of this meeting was to discuss what Congress and the USA can do about Nigeria. The reason being that Nigeria has become a wreckage, and going forwards, interventions should now be applied to manage the unravelling of the country. Key realities brought up in the meeting included:

• Islamic State West Africa Province (ie ISIS) and Al-Qaeda are operating in Nigeria, and together with Fulani militants are committing crimes against humanity and genocide.
• Nigeria’s Lake Chad region could become a breeding ground and staging area for attacks against the West for terrorism, and the resurgence of ISIS into Iraq.
• With Nigeria’s unravelling, Europe would face an existential threat.
• Nigeria’s worsening situation is a warning of a refugee crisis of enormous proportions.
• Increasing mass migration of Nigerians heading for the West. 
• Massive government corruption. 

Before stating the recommendations of this meeting, it is necessary to know that although government has neglected its responsibilities towards Nigerians, particularly in securinglives and property, the Lower Niger Congress (LNC), a self-determination organisation, concerned about the people’s future, had been active at grassroots level, plus was working with partners at the international level. Where Nigeria now finds itself had been predicted by the LNC. Two decades ago, the LNC began warning Nigerians that the imposed 1999 Constitution, a forgery, thus illegitimate, would cause wholesale systemic corruption, economic insecurity,developmental retardation, unemployment and national bankruptcy. In 2015 when Buhari, a Fulani man with an undisguised passion for realising the Sharia system throughout Nigeria became president, he quickly put the country’s security services and key ministries under the control of Fulani Moslems. It then became quite clear that the Buhari regime was using the 1999 Constitution to execute a Fulanization (genocide and land grab by Fulani militia) and Islamisation programme. 

Determined to rescue the indigenous peoples, LNC raised the alarm that it had become imperative to immediatelydecommission that illegitimate 1999 Constitution, whose life is renewed by means of elections, since political office holders swear an Oath of Office to uphold it, in return for personal gain. Thus, in December 2018, on the eve of the February 2019 general elections, LNC with their Yoruba and Middle Belt Alliance partners convened in Lagos for the Freedom Park Proclamation. There, the indigenous ethnic nationalities repudiated the 1999 Constitution and the unitary system that it creates which hijacks the peoples’ sovereignties and their right to self-determination. The Freedom Park Proclamation caught the attention of the USA, so the LNC was invited to Washington DC in January 2019 at the Press Club. LNC was also in the USA in July 2019 at the State Department to explain in unambiguous terms what was behind the killings and terror in Nigeria, and what was causing tens of thousands of Nigerians to flee to the USA and the West.

In videos available on the internet, LNC’s Secretary General, the lawyer and jurisprudence expert Mr Tony Nnadi is seen explaining to USA officials what we now see has finallyhappened to Nigeria. Briefly, foreign terrorists (ISIS and Al-Qaeda) that had fled Iraq and Syria because of the “global war against terrorism”, have been welcomed into the Nigerian space, and together with Fulani herdsmen militia are slaughtering the indigenous peoples, then taking over and occupying their ancestral lands. LNC explained how the 1999 Constitution prevents state governors and local peoples from defending themselves against armed invaders since only central government can provide security, and licence those they want to carry firearms and other lethal weapons. Furthermore, states are made impotent and unable to fund their needs, since that same 1999 Constitution seizes their natural resources, handing them to central government. Given that the USA and the West’s enemies, ie ISIS and Al-Qaeda are establishing themselves in Nigeria, LNC pressed the USA for a Special Envoy to Nigeria. In addition, LNC explained to the American officials that a Constitutional Force Majeure to decommission the repudiated 1999 Constitution, (since then declared in December 2020), was also an ORDERLY PROCESS using international law, that would confine the Islamist terrorists, and neutralise their power.

Returning to the previously mentioned FMC Zoom meeting on the future role of Congress in Nigeria, their conclusion was that what is happening in Nigeria is a Fulani jihad. Quoting:“…This foolishness of suggesting that this is a fight between herdsmen and farmers. No, this is a fight of radical jihadism. Finally just let me say, Buhari has not performed well… ….It has been neglect on the part of Buhari, and he needs to be held to account for that as well.” (Rep. Chris Smith). Their recommendations were that there is a need for sanctions, and a need to hold Nigerian officials to account, plus, just as LNC had pushed for in 2019, a need for a USA Special Envoy to Nigeria.

LNC, via the self-determination Movement called NINAS (alliance of indigenous peoples of Lower Niger Bloc, OoduaBloc and Middle Belt Bloc) having declared a Constitutional Force Majeure, had provided government with a roadmap. Itincludes a transitioning process where ethnic nationalities can have Regional Referendums to decide whether to re-commit to the Union, or to go for something else. This is in accordance with United Nations procedures for correcting the type of situation that Nigeria, a country that has no legitimate Constitution, and no backing for its existence, is in.

Thanks to the Constitutional Force Majeure, ethnic nations of the NINAS Territory have retrieved their sovereignties, and self-determination rights. Therefore, jihadists, both inside and outside government, should realise that their plan to turn Nigeria into a terrorist homeland has been prevented by the Constitutional Force Majeure. Jihadists should therefore not even dare to attempt to escalate their killing spree. They have no valid legal instrument whatsoever to be within the NINAS Territory. Now that indigenous peoples know that “One Nigeria” is just a hoax, and that they have inalienable rights to self-determination, they can never again be intimidated by any government that has no backing for its existence, or for its powers.

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