All set for Malawi Election case; Chilima Mia meet

A team of lawyers led by Attorney General, Kalekeni Kaphale, representing Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) as the second respondent in the case, raised issues to the court that the application made by Daud Suleman to simulate the MEC computer systems during the counting of results should be denied.

However, the Judges in a rambling and sometimes incoherent statement denied the request. MEC raised issues all of them concerning the security of their servers and infrastructure. However, the pompous judges disregarded everything instead impugned MEC and adding insult to injury fined MEC for its efforts.

Daud Suleman should not been allowed to access the MEC production servers to demonstrate whatever he thinks he will achieve today which I promise will be nothing.

MEC should have been allowed at cost to MCP to setup a Replicate Server for this so-called simulation.

Concerns that Daud can corrupt the MEC servers are real and should not have been taken so lightly by these judges.

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