When a woman starts to like you or have affection for you, they tend to get close to you more and ask some questions to get to know you better.

As a man, it is good for you to observe these qualities in a woman and know whether a woman is in love with you or not.

Here Are 8 Signs A Woman Is Developing Feelings For You And Questions She Might Ask. 

1. She might like to ask you about your past relationship. A woman that loves you will tend to ask if you are in a relationship or not because she wants to understand you better and have tips on whether there is space for her to come into your life.

When a woman is in love with you. She might likely ask you if you have a girlfriend before visiting. They have this phrase saying: I don’t want to visit you, let your girlfriend break my head. I don’t have power to fight. 

Once she says these to you, it means she likes you or might be falling for you. The ball is now in your court to decide. 

2. She would like to know your plans for the day when a woman tends to fall in love, she might be too clingy to you and might likely control some of your movement.

They might ask such questions like:

 Where are you going? 

You better come back on time! 

Buy me something when you are coming back. 

Should I follow you?

Should I help you? 

When a woman starts asking these questions, it means she has started developing feelings for you. 

Women pose these questions to men they like, and they need positive answers. It is normal for a woman in love to feel clingy or to want to be in control. At times, they might call you their son, sounds funny, right? 

3. She might ask about your pictures. She wants to know your family background, where you are from and your educational level and what your plans for the future. 

Women like great thinkers and men that want a good future for themselves. Once you flow with her with the right and unique answers, she might like you more or step back. 

4. She might ask you what you like in a woman. Why do they tend to ask these questions? She wants to see if she’s qualified to be that woman of your dreams.

So it is your responsibility to play smart in such questions if you have feelings for her. Don’t say the woman of your dream needs to be white, why she is dark. You did nothing good but told her she was not your standard. 

When a woman asks you these questions, it simply means she has affection for you, but they want you to notice it. 

5. Cooking for you takes a woman that likes or loves you to cook and serve you. Women like to take control when it comes to feeding their men before she cooks or brings fruits, gifts, clothes for you. You know she’s crushing on you, and she might like you.

6. Get jealous when she sees you with other girls or might ask you who that woman? 

Some men find these funny because you feel you are not dating her, or she’s not your woman, girlfriend, but she’s asking you who that woman is. 

It is normal when a woman loves you, she might get jealous seeing you with other women because she doesn’t want to share you with anyone and remember that there is no true love without jealousy. 

So if you noticed any signs of these in a woman, she’s falling for you, make use of the opportunity if you also have feelings for her. 

Source: AfricaMedia

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