Eisenhower Mkaka

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—Newly appointed Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) governor for the centre, David Kabambe, is allegedly to have assaulted Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka, in full view of police officers at area 3 in Lilongwe.

Reports indicate that Mkaka went to area 3 Police station to find out the reason why police arrested MCP followers on Saturday night.

The party followers are reportedly to have been sent by the opposition party to do patrols with local officials against nation ID buying, a syndicate allegedly being perpetrated by the ruling DPP.

In an interview with Zodiak radio, Mkaka said the party officials were detained at Bunda Roadblock on their return from the operations before being taken to area 3 Police Station where the secretary general was assaulted.

“A police officer callED me to his office so he could talk to me on this. Before he explained anything, the DPP Regional Governor for the center comes with some cadets and party officials charged and hurling insults at me.

“While I was seated, cool, calm and collected he assaults me forcefully putting his index finger into my left eye. It pained and I am still in pain. Momentarily I couldn’t see,” Mkaka said.

Meanwhile, there is mixed reactions from the public. While some are sympathizing with MCP official, some are questioning the party’s motive of doing patrols in the region.

“Is MCP working as police in Malawi? This is dangerous to our country. Do you (MCP) know that you are undermining the job of police and soldiers in our country or you (MCP) are beginning to form you young pioneer again?” questioned Rafik Aca Black in his comment on social media.

But another commentator has questioned the DPP tendency of taking laws into their own hands by the mere fact that they are ruling the country.

“It’s very unfortunate that DPP preaches democracy but their actions always point to dictatorship type of leadership. That’s why in a democracy a party that stays in power for several years automatically brings dictatorship. We need to change,” he said.

Kabambe was appointed by President Peter Mutharika few weeks ago, replacing Binton Kutsaira who was also fired from the cabinet.

Mutharika described Kabambe as a loyal member of the ruling party, sentiments that forced some people into believing that Kutsaira was not very loyal to the party.

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