Abidah Mia leads by example in Mwanza’s Clean-up Day

MWANZA-(MaraviPost)-Armed with a rake and broom, Deputy Minister of Lands and Urban Development, Abida Mia on Friday led the people of Mwanza District in the National Clean Up initiative. during the district launch that took place in Mwanza Market centre.

Mia, also a legislator for Chikwawa Nkombezi came in an attire fit for the event. She demonstrated to the people how to practice good sanitation and waste management in their respective areas.

In her address during the launch, Mia emphasized on the importance of respecting the environment and living in harmony with nature.

Mia stated that the current administration is keen to create a new Malawi, Malawi ‘okomera tonse’ but that “we cannot create a meaningful new Malawi if proper waste management is not part of the new Malawi”.

“It is only in a clean environment that every Malawian can fully participate in rebuilding this country,” She also added: “This is possible if we take responsibility and participate in managing our waste, starting with segregation at source to safe disposal at designated places.”

She bemoaned that, waste management has become a huge challenge of our time especially in towns, major trading centres, market centres and even in our homes with a statistical average eyesore of the country generating an estimated 0.5 kilograms of waste, per person, per day, which translates to 633 fifteen-ton lories of waste being produced every day.

As a result, the Deputy Minister said, the malpractice has made our surrounding breeding grounds for vector borne diseases such as Malaria and Cholera.

She also mentioned that the greenhouse gases, which emit from these wastes are one big contributor to global warming, which eventually cause climate change.

In addition, she said the fumes, which emit from burning these wastes release cancers causing substances, which also affect our health.

Mia therefore called on Mwanza Local Authority to make waste management a key function of service delivery and to promote waste segregation at source.

She said, as a district, the local leaders are called upon to take the Clean-Up as one of the critical undertakings that they need to carry out on a monthly basis.

“We have to fully commit ourselves to this Clean-Up and make it part of us. Let’s bring this day to all and at all levels,” implored Mia.

In echoing the Deputy Minister’s message, District Commissioner for Mwanza, Michael Chimbalanga called on various sectors in the local council and all leaders in the district including chiefs and faith leaders to embrace the initiative by leading through example until it becomes a permanent tradition.

Under the theme: A clean environment : My right, my responsiblity, the Malawi leader, President Lazarus Chakwera , on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 launched the National Clean-Up Day at Chinsapo ground in Lilongwe.

Through the initiative, on every second Friday of the month, every able-bodied person in the country will among others expected to take part in sweeping, cutting grass, trimming bushes alongside the roads, planting trees.

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