“We are in support of the forthcoming public demonstrations. It is our constitutional right Malawians to do so. This regime is taking us too much for granted. Public services and goods are collapsing in our very eyes due to inadequate funding to government ministries and agencies, and yet the President is spending our money everyday on useless campaign trails across the country.

She is not living by example. We are the bosses and they are supposed to serve our interests and not theirs. This regime is ruling by lies and deception. They are insensitive to our plight. They continue to spend our money on things that we are not aware about without supporting documents. May be public demonstrations is the only language they will understand.

We have advised, guided and engaged them and nothing seems to be changing for the better. We urge all our members and those of the public to come out in large numbers and participate in our God given right to assemble and demonstrate peacefully and unarmed. Malawi is our country. It is not only for politicians and the ruling elite.

They must account to us the people where the proceeds for the jet went, they must show us the records for the same, they must explain why they are not funding public institutions including the ACB and our National Assembly must meet according to the dictates of the Constitution. MRA is doing its best collect revenue but there is nothing to show for what that revenue is doing. Come one and come all!”

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