A 41-year-old law enforcer in Mchinji district has been locked up for having an affair with a 14-year-old girl whom he had been defiling for several times.

Mchinji police public relations officer Inspector Lubrino Kaitano has identified the suspect as Sergeant Leonard Maluwa of Chimwankango police unit.

According to Kaitano, the news was revealed and reported to police by the victim’s mother, Emily Phiri aged 41 who distills and sells local brewed beer of Kachasu.

It is said the mother has for so long been suspecting the bahaviours of the police officer and her standard 5 child.

“On March 14, the mother caught her daughter with 2 bottles of Kachasu which she stole after sneaking into her mom’s room. When asked, the minor said she intended to give the two bottles to the police officer”, said the PRO.

It is said the mother went on to ask her daughter some follow up questions which in the process, the girl revealed that she was having an affair with the said officer and that she was coaxed to sleep with him three times in February.

The victim’s mother later reported the matter to police and the victim was sent to hospital where findings revealed she had indeed been defiled.

The matter was then referred to the parent station of Mchinji police from Chimwankango police unit where it was first reported to.

After further investigations, the suspect was arrested on march 22 and thrown in custody where he is waiting to answer charges of defilement.

He comes from Teche village, Traditional Authority (T.A) Chikowi in Zomba.

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