Khumbo Kachali of Freedom Party

By Alick Mhango

MZUZU-(MaraviPost)-To those who know the Leader of opposition in Malawi Parliament, Kondwani Nankhumwa very well, will agree with me that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice president of the south was not in his usual mood.

He did not quoted any verse from the Bible. Like the Pharisees who brought an adulterous woman to Jesus, the former MBC employee did not worst his time but to ask Dr. Chakwera to tell the August House why some political giants who sweated a lot to force DPP legislatures to go to opposition bench are nowhere to be seen in the running of Tonse alliance government

“Mr. President, where are the people like Khumbo Kachali, Dr. Chisi, Frank Mwenifumbo, Harry Mkandawire and Yeremia Chihana. The political giants who sweated a lot for this government? Maybe they are now useless? And because you’re now in government, you have forgotten about them?” Asked Nankhumwa.

In his shortest response, Dr. Chakwera said “We still run this government as Tonse alliance and all the involved parties are still in..”

Leader of the house who is the minister of homeland security also said “Khumbo Kachali is a Malawian. And he is still in Malawi, I believe you have his number to call him.”

While I appreciate the president’s response, I however found some loopholes that can affect the concerned people in different ways.

I know the president asked himself “why is Nankhumwa asking that question?” Before responding.


I would have love if the president would have said “we still have some vacant positions. Apart from that, there shall be reshuffle to under performed. Therefore we should not cross the bridge…” This would have force Nankhumwa and his gurus to shut their proboscis. But the way it is, it means the named political giants have been used like condom.

We all know that Tonse alliance philosophy is totally against political rewards or appointment. However, some names of the appointed ministers took part in the fight against DPP the way the politicians named by Nankhumwa did. How special are they? that question should not go to me.

“But they were many. Were you expecting the president to appoint all of them?.” That’s true, but the list would have from all nine involved parties.

I know the handclapers will work hard to throw spanners on this writing but I know that deep down we are together.

In his campaign, Dr. Chakwera was speaking with his whole energy because of the “rejected or used” political giants. The were the ones going in hard to reach areas where DPP had strong support to sell the Tonse alliance manifestos.

Yes, they’re from small parties, but remember small holes always force a canoe to drown in the water.

Only those with political ears will understand this.

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