There was excitement among Millions of Malawians on 20th February, 2014 when the Electoral body in Malawi made an announcement that the twelve minus one presidential candidate were eligible to contest in the forth coming elections.

The majority of the credible voters were jubilant across the country, as their candidates had finally been declared fit to contest in the general elections. It was indeed one Presidential candidate who had not met the qualifications that the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) had set aside thereby nullifying his application.

“Is it the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Presidential candidate who has been disqualified?”That was a question I encountered from several of my followers who had missed the news bulletin and what had lingered in their mind was the fact that, Peter Mutharika had been kicked out of the race as some scores from the People’s Party, disgruntled lawyers cum ministers and others had expected.

By the way,” why among all the twelve presidential aspirants, its only Peter Mutharika who you think has been disqualified?”I wondered. Esteemed readers, that’s the case of Peter Mutharika, the DPP Presidential candidate and the road to May 20,2014 tripartite elections.

To be more pragmatic, most of us hoped that MEC was going to bury the Democratic Progressive Party 6 feet under the ground by barring its candidate Peter Mutharika. Add to this the fact that some had already bought crates of “Carlsberg chill, matumba a Mpunga from Mpondabwino in Zomba or Mkando in Mulanje, Mbatatesi from Tsangano” and whatever makes a good merrymaking anticipating to celebrate the fall of Peter Mutharika and DPP being ineligible to contest in the coming elections just as they did when our beloved “Moya,” late Ngwazi Bingu Wa Mutharika had breathed last, somewhere in April, 2012.

And in fact, finally, Peter Mutharika and his running mate, Saulos Klaus Chilima are set to appear on the ballot paper but, it has not been an easy road for Democratic progressive Party to come this far.

It has not been one but several occasions that people from the People’s Party had tried to maneuver into the judicial system with their tactics just to make sure that Mutharika is not among the presidential candidates in the fourth coming elections.

We have all witnessed the likes of Yeremiya Chihana trying their luck to twist Mutharika and DPP to an angle, that was not all, Justice Dzonzi has also been part of the game with his green card madness trying to misinform the nation to make sure that Mutharika is nowhere in the political scenes, some had fabricated stories that Mutharika is a dual citizen thereby he is ineligible to stand in the coming elections until the American government through their envoy in Malawi cleared the nonsense that Mutharika has never been a citizen of United States of America.

Thanks to heavens that Mutharika and Democratic Progressive Party are now part of the race. Let the best candidate win. That’s the case of Peter Mutharika, the DPP presidential candidate and the Road to May 20, 2014 elections. He, who laughs last, laughs loud.


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