Christopher Mtambo, Chitipa United player

By Donata Mpochela

MZUZU (Maravi Post)-His friends call him Chrinado because of his mysterious playing antics as they say he will one day be like Ronaldo, but his first name is Christopher Mtambo. His one of the proudest football player for Chitipa United.

Christopher is a left-right sided winger, eventually said to be a midfielder, his one of the influential players in the just ended season of Super League who is already a veteran in his late 20s.

“Playing football is my favorite. In fact, it is my career. I put all my effort on playing well and try to do the best,” Christopher explains.

Born on September 23, 1999 at Chitipa District Hospital, Chrinado started perfecting his skills in primary.

“I started my training and playing at the age of 11 the time I was in Primary and then I was dreaming big at least to be playing in one of the biggest teams.

“My passion grew stronger when I won an award during my primary playing as a top goal scorer and I scored 11 goals,” he says.

Being one of the few best football players in Chitipa who has always focused on playing football, the twenty-orderlies on self-training skills was to do his best because he wanted to be the proudest footballer in world.

“I have always admired to be the best footballer in the world because it is a great and valuable thing to me, in fact, I have always wanted to put my country on the map,” he says.

The football playing germ career was inspired by Wakisa Munkhondia who was the coach, formally player of Nyasa Big Bullets. Among that, his best footballer in the country is Chiukepo Msowoya.

Chrinado then came up with an idea to join Chitipa United since its formation at the end of the 2015, by then he was 16 years- old.

Although his entry into the team in 2015 was quite a powerful one following his first qualifier for Elite League in 2016, went to Super League but he was still part of the team.

“When I joined Chitipa United I saw it as a great opportunity because I could see myself to be a star following being qualified for Elite and Super League. I saw this as a greatest achievement.

“I began to build my momentum to do my best despite the challenges I used to face, I never looked at the challenges but I tried to put all my efforts because I knew some day something will work out,” he says.

“I remember when I first joined the team I never had some inspirations because in the first four games I was playing I was coming from the line up but this never pulled my dreams,” Chrinado explains.

Chrinado tries his best to apply tactics in the field of playing in order to handle pressure in some major games.

Among other notable achievements in 2014 when he was playing Under-12 League he won as a top scorer whereby he scored 11 goals.

“I saw this as an exciting thing because by then I was very young and I managed to score 11 goals during the Under-12 games,” he says.

According to Christopher in the season of 2019 Super League he had a great moment that he will never forget when they played with Nyasa Big Bullets at Karonga Stadium.

Of all famous footballers, he’s probably an amateur yet his work is of the highest quality surpassing that of great players because he has been the man of the matches and one player of the month that has scored six goals.
He said he still has passion to learn.

“I can do better through the grace of God because my career has shown me how to benefit from it.

“This is through the desires, support that I see in other people about my playing. People should anticipate from me and it is by great that next year I should not play in Malawi but to play to other countries,” says Christopher.

Due to his exploits thus far, Christopher has earned himself seven awards during the Super League.
Asked not Christopher’s work.

Chitipa United Team Manager, Watson Kabaghe was all in praise of Christopher’s work.

“The young Chrinado has done extraordinary things this year, in fact he has been one the influential players for Chitipa United.

“His very good although he has not yet reached the destination I want him to be, but all in all his a very hardworking man, he will succeed,” Kabaghe said.

Mtambo further encourages young up and coming footballers to have discipline and they have to work hard in training as this will encourage them to pursue their goals.

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