Formerly Mzuni FC

By Donata Mpochela

MZUZU-(Maravi Post)-The Northern Region Teams says they intend to embark on some skills in the next Super League season that will propel them to greater hearts in aiming to get good points.

Teams expect great first experience playing the Super League and they will fight hard in the next Super League season.

It is a brain child for Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to prepare teams for the Elite League by poaching players from other teams from the north to play in the next seasons as they have five teams playing in the Super League, which is a first in the history.

In an interview with, Chitipa United Team Manager, Watson Mwaisen Kabaghe said having a first play in the Super League it has been a good experience in aiming to play well so that we should get good points.

“This has been a great experience because i have learnt that collective effort is paramount when it comes to club management in order to have early planning on how to do all activities so as to have a vibrant season without not having many problems at the team.

“Avoiding teams problems help to manage good skills in order to be able to handle pressure. This will help us to raise a good squad which will compete between other teams in the next Super League season,” Kabaghe said.

Mzuni Football Club Assistant Coach, Eston Kadenge Mwafulira said Northern Region Teams have now made history in the first Super League season as it did not come on the silver platter.

“The season helped us a lot even though Mzuni FC had faced financial support in terms of not paying the players this resulted in losing some players as we only survived by having 13 players, players were only playing because of passion and also due to lack of sponsorship for the team,” Mwafulira explained.

Mwafulirwa pleads with Super League of Malawi (Sulom) to take control with the referees because obsession has been a problem in terms of the true reflection of a log table.

“Sulom has to improve in taking control of the referees, they need to send good officials on the ground to improve the game of football,” Mwafulirwa said.

Karonga United Chairperson, Alufeyo Chipanga Banda observed that last year’s Super League seasons were not good as the patronage was very poor in all grounds.

“There was no improvement in all teams in terms of passing and supporting football most teams play one state of football and now the league is going down that is why national team is not doing well.

“Looking at players who play in Super League are from the Lower League, I ask FAM to put mechanisms on the Lower League so that they must be competitive in super league because once you build the lower league then will have a good yield of football,” Banda said.

Banda further says there is need to put well constructed coaches in the League as they are very few who coaches in Premier League who have papers as well as have the capacity to coach, most coaches only have the knowledge of football.

“There is need to put resources in these League divisions,” Banda said.

In a separate interview with, Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) General Secretary, Masiya Nyasulu urged the Northern Region Teams to put up a grant fight in the next Super League because it is not an easy thing.

He said: “NRFA has already identified the champions and they hope the teams will start preparations in good time.

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