Joint Civil Society Platform on Governance (JCSPG)


LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Some of the country’s civil society organisations under the banner Joint Civil Society Platform on Governance (JCSPG) on Sunday called upon the leadership to swiftly operationalize of national plan of action aimed at containing killings and abduction of people living with albinism.

This comes amid general outcry that the vice has gone out of hand despite the country having adapted action plan in June 2018 worthy MK3 billion.

The civil society therefore are also demand depoliticization of the albino killings among political parties ahead of May 21 general elections.

The grouping argues that the vice needs immediate action than political rhetoric.


Below is the full statement signed by Signed by PETER MUMBA CHAIRPERSON – JCSPG calling the nation for joint effort to address the vice;


We, the Civil Society Leaders, are traumatized and confounded by the latest acts of uncultivated viciousness of abductions and killings of people with albinism.

The conduct is a shameful tint on our nation. It has become a curse to a Malawian of albinism, a relation or a close neighbor for each and every day is greeted with sadness and sorrow as a result of either abduction or killing of people with albinism.

We are therefore obligated to express our dismay on the same not just as Civil Society Leaders, but as Malawians who are very much troubled with this callous, brutal and chauvinistic perpetration of abducting and killing of people with albinism.

Our hearts are broken, our minds confused and we need drastic solutions to end this ferocious and unacceptable act of killing each other in the name of misconstrued beliefs and traditions.

May the Souls of our fellow brothers and sisters continue resting in eternal peace Suffice to say that, we will not do justice to ourselves if we don’t commend all them.

However, we are baffled by recent remarks from the President of Malawi Congress Party Rev. Lazarus Chakwera who unkindly has chosen to politicize this matter. In his statement released on the 14th of February, 2019, Chakwera said; “Once I am sworn as President this May, with the Malawi Defense Force, the Police and the National Intelligence Bureau at my command, I will end these crimes within one month”.

We find these remarks demeaning to the dignity of our fellow brothers and sisters who have become victims of unfounded beliefs.

We find these sentiments not worthy coming from a leader with aspirations of attaining the highest office of the land. If indeed Chakwera is sincere with his message why should as a country we continue to experience the killings three more months when he can equally advise the Government on the how this can be stopped.

It is the highest order of pettiness, recklessness, insensitiveness and abrogated mind to confide solutions to oneself at a time the entire country is searching for solutions and people with albinism continue to be abducted and killed mercilessly.

Should we assume by stating that if voted into power he will act, the present status is favorable to him and that the abductions and killings of people with albinism continue? Is this an issue where one ought to gain political mileage on?

This is heartless, hypocrite, myopic and unacceptable from someone like him aspiring for the highest office in Malawi.

Further, Chakwera talked with authority of the existence of a ‘syndicate’ and we quote; “You need to know that whoever is in the syndicate that is buying the body parts of people with albinism is deemed so powerful that the police feel retrained from arresting them, the buyers are so powerful that the murderers feel motivated to continue killing for them….”

The above caption, signifies how well informed Rev. Chakwera is as to who are the people that are abducting and killing our brothers and sisters with albinism. We therefore call upon him to come forward and tell this nation who these people are and break the so called ‘syndicate’ before we lose anyone else.

We are also worried with the current trend, that instead of finding solutions to the problem and identify the root cause to the abductions and killings of the people with albinism, there is more of political grandstanding on the matter.

We also note that politicians are easily blamed which makes it difficult for the communities to take up responsibility of becoming brother’s keepers. What saddens us is that there are revelations of killings of people with albinism as early as 1970s and beyond, yet we have not found the way to contain the situation.

There is a need to change the perception which most Malawians have grown up indifferent towards people with albinism. Most Malawians don’t flinch an eye on these matters as we have grown up believing that people with albinism amangosowa (just disappear).

This is what has also contributed to escalation of the abductions and killings as the cases would not have been reported for so many decades until recently with the advent of the social media.

Lastly, we are appalled and asking questions as to why the abductions and killings of people with albinism have increased in 2019 with very unprecedented speed as compared to subsequent years. Just within the space of two months and very few days to elections, more than 5 cases have already been reported.

Are these atrocious acts part of the political game either to discredit someone or either gain power? This is very unwelcome development. ‘

Let us join hands to fight this epidemic, let us all stand against this brutality, let all politicians work with one spirit in protecting our fellow Malawians.

This matter should never be politicized at any level.


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