Dr Nali: the best treatment is medical, nutrition, and Magnetic repairing process that cures the virus

By Donata Mpochela

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)– One of the country’s medical practitioners Doctor Humphrey Nali says will undergo a medical nutrition magnetic repairing process treatment that cures coronavirus in Malawi.

The doctor of WaterSheds Private Clinic in Blantyre, who studied Medical, Nutrition and Magnetic Field said has been observing how China managed to treat Covid-19 patients.

He gave an example of Prince Charles who was sent to a farm to gain negative ions for a repairing system.

“Covid-19 is real, it is true it has no medication but it has treatment which is medical, nutrition, and magnetic repairing process.

“The treatment for coronavirus does not need one treatment but several treatments as mentioned earlier because the virus most times it destroys electric or magnetic repairing system in the body. But the problem is, when every disease has affected the body, a doctor is first need to observe that a person is able to repair which is happens from 11:00 pm to 3:00am at this time magnetic field it manages to gain one thousand negative ions per cubic centimeters,” says Dr Nali.

Nali also advised people to follow or the set precaution measures such as washing hands with soap, wearing face masks, and observing social distance.

“Hospitals are not supposed to be set in town but they need to be set at unpolluted ventilation, every human being is suppose to switch off all electrical machines such as phones, computers and others in order to avoid radial-wave system to let repairing system to take place,” he said.

The doctor added that has plans of engaging the government to work hand-in-hand and take action in fighting the disease in Malawi.

“The plan of action is that all suspected coronavirus victims and those who has in close contact will be given ten days treatment immediately instead of just quarantining and lockdowns for observation.

“We are in talks with Malawi government and other well wishers to provide resources because this is a very big project. If this fails, WaterSheds Private Clinic will do it alone privately even though the problem is that the poor will not afford the treatment,” Nali said.

For repairing or better timing system to happen in the body there is need to have positive and negative ions in the body.

In so doing a person is supposed to eat nutritious food such as milk as well as be put be put at unpolluted ventilation.

There is need of lowering the prices for milk or other health foods for every human being to be able to purchase.

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