Prophet Austin Liabunya
Liabunya: The man behind the many failed prophecies

Last week before Zambians went to the polls to re-elect Lungu Malawian Prophet Austin Liabunya had hinted that Hakainde Hichilema was going to win the election maintaining what he said in a 2015 Prophecy that the favour of God was on the visionary Hakainde Hichilema.

In a special address to the people of Zambia ; Liabunya had assured the people of Zambia that he is with them in prayers to make sure that the elections would be free and fair.

“I would like to personally assure the people of Zambia that my team and I are praying for free and fair elections.

” We also stand praying against the loss of lives, destruction of properties, re-counting and rigging of votes!” said the man of God adding “we stand against any form of wickedness during elections period in Jesus name!”

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema Failed twice to Un seat Lungu even with False Prophesies behind him

At this point, Liabunya subtly delivered the clue of who might emerge victorious. As we now know this did not materialize. Instead President Lungu was re-elected.

“It’s time that development should come in Zambia and improve many lives that are suffering in the country and we pray that people will vote guided by the Spirit of God.

“Finally I assure the people of Zambia that the Lord vindicate your Nation and all shall be well! God bless the Nation of Zambia and its beautiful people!” concluded Prophet Austin Liabunya.

In January 2015 the so called prophet, Austin Liabunya, has said President Robert Mugabe was going to die in 2015.

The Maravi Post reported then that Liabunya said this during the night of cross over service conducted in Area 23 at Music Cross Road tent in Malawi’s administrative capital Lilongwe in the wee hours of January 1.

Robert Mugabe
Controversial prophet, Austin Liabunya has restated his earlier prophesy on Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe that he will not live beyond December 31st, this year.

During the same service Liabunya told his followers that Hakainde Hichilema would emerge as the new President of Zambia when the country went to the polls on January 20. The United Party for Development leader then faced Patriotic Front leader Edgar Lungu who had flown to Zimbabwe to consult with President Mugabe.

At that time, Liabunya said “Mugabe’s biological clock would not tick beyond that year ” after which Zimbabwe will be “restored” to the be in the top five of the richest countries in Africa.

Once again knowing Mugabe’s age, our false prophet made a 50  50 guess which failed and embarrassed himself.

False Prophets indeed.

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