Leader for CFT Timothy Mtambo

The firebrand human rights activist-cum-politician, Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, permeated hostile zones in Karonga Central Constituency in round 2 of his campaign trail in the District over the weekend.

Last month, Mtambo, who is now Minister of Civic Education and National Unity in the Chakwera administration and also heading Citizens For Transformation (CFT) movement, launched his by-election campaign trail in Karonga, a move that sparked divisions within CFT and complaints in the UTM fold.

In his second coming, the CFT leader invaded Mwenefumbo’s base with a rally, defying tense expectations of a feared violence.

“In the morning, there were boys who started mounting UTM flags along the route to the Whistle stop venue and threatened violence should CFT come here. They even blocked the road while chanting songs threatening against any Mwalwanda rally. We are surprised that when Mtambo came, the boys distanced themselves from the route and all of us were surprised,” commented one lady clad in UTM t-shirt and was seen waving at Mtambo’s convoy.

Mtambo, who is styled as Commander-In-Chief (CIC) of CFT is supporting the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate Leonard Mwalwanda over a UTM contender Frank Mwenefumbo, a development that has resulted into a hostile cyber battle between UTM supporters and CFT.

Meanwhile, the dissidents who earlier on announced defection from CFT have since returned, citing that they were fooled into supporting UTM with promises that were never fulfilled.

Announcing the coming back of the dissidents, the CFT District Chairman in Karonga, Sahara wapa Sahara, touted CFT as a movement that does not impose membership on the people.

“As a political association, CFT does not own people. It is the people who own CFT. As a natural phenomenon, it is up to the owner to disown or continue owning something and no one will be forced. That is democracy. We welcome them back and encourage them to work hard towards our goals,” he said.

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