Siyani Lambulira in pain due to lack of safety in mine factory

BALAKA-(MaraviPost)-Workers in most country’s mines sites their safely is at risk following the revelation that no protective gears are provided.

Such that in some mining plants has rendered them injured heavily put their families in an awkward position in footing medical bills.

Despite huge profits mine owners realizing from minerals product sells, workers well-fare is not looked into seriously.

This is testified in the recent media tour Oxfam Malawi organized with Malawi Extraction Industry Transparency Initiative (MWEITI) in the country’s southern districts of Zomba, Balaka, Blantyre, Mangochi, Neno.

The visit exposed how vulnerable are local workers in mining sites, production plants as no proper protective gears are offered.

For instance, Fluoride Cement Company Limited at Balaka Boma exposed how awful a 45 year old worker, Siyani Lambulira is recovering from a serious hand cut injury suffered in the middle of work.

Lambulira from Chaulula village, Traditional Authority (T.A) Samala in Balaka got injured while on duty (pushing machine) on December 5, 2018 where protective gear was not provided.

Despite working tirelessly for this cement plant (from limestone mine), the worker, the bread winner of six children is in deep pain without proper support from his bosses over the injury.

Since last years, the company’s owner Mike Kamanga has been on hide and seek towards Lambulira’s fate at Balaka District Hospital where is getting medical support.

Fluoride Cement Company Limited at Balaka Boma

“I enjoyed the company in November 2018 that monthly was MK18, 000. But no contract including protective gears are provided for workers. It was on December 5, last year I got heavily injured while on duty that now am receiving medication at Balaka Boma.

“Since I got injured, my boss has never visited me with any tangible support only sending his juniors with MK2,000 that am currently meeting all extra medical bills; transport. Sadly, the payment for January I haven’t been given”, cries fowl Lambulira.

Talking to the worker’s wife, Christina is all pain as she goes to bed with kids hungry as the breadwinner cannot work or doing piece works following the hand injury.

“Its total trouble in this family. Kids are no longer going to school. Am currently providing all family needs through piece works though it’s not enough. The husband’s boss hasn’t helped us since the incident,” chipped in Christina.

Efforts to get reaction from Kamanga proved futile on several attempt on how unfairly his worker has been treated.

Minister  of  Labour  Grace Chiumia  says It’s quite disappointing to see that even now, that some companies,in the cement and lime  don’t follow the laws of the country,

When the all know that people that are working in such hazardous environment are prone to injuries.

Chiumia said health safety measures are supposed to be practiced at any Mining companies and factories whether small or Big.

She said  on the Lambulira who has almost lost his hand, government is taking up the issue and will make sure to assist him.

she has however said a team of officials from the ministry are investigating the matter.

The minister has since threatened to close each and every Mining company that is not following safety of it labours.

“As I am talking,I have sent a team from my ministry to investigate the matter. What ever information we will have,we will  make sure the  owner of the company Lambulira was working to be answerable,and let me warn each and every Cement, Quarry and lime company that is operating in the country, that if found not adhering to the laws of Malawi,we will not hesitate,but to close it,” Chiumia said.

This is one typical scenarios on how unsafe workers are into in manufacturing companies related to minerals and mines products.

Therefore with the assenting of Mineral and Mines acts into revised the law by President Peter Mutharika will bring sanity in the extraction industry.

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