Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Blantyre City South East Sameer Suleiman

By Jabes Kalema

Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Blantyre City South East Sameer Suleiman breathed fire in Parliament over land in Malawi being taken by foreigners.

The lawmaker made reference to one Faisal Aboo who owns 80% of Limbe.

What MP Suleiman said is totally true. Faisal Aboo indeed owns almost half of Limbe in real estate property. He is the richest Indian in Malawi.

What’s shocking about MP Suleiman’s sentiments is that during DPP and former President Peter Mutharika regime, he was quite, he never said a word about Indians grabbing our land, yet he was in government and his voice had influence.

Malawians know full well that it is during DPP government that Indians bought property/ land than ever before in the history of Malawi.

Corruption at the Ministry of Land took centre stage during DPP’s six years era.

Malawians also know full well that during DPP regime, Indians got about 70% of government contracts through bribing ministers and top government officials. These crooked Indians were funding DPP functionaries during campaign etc

It’s just three months DPP has been in opposition and all of a sudden these attacks on Indians by DPP MP’s. Is it a deal gone sour? DPP knows the crooked Indians full well. They dined together and they stole government money together.

The crooked Indians are many just to mention a few:

1.Gani of Victoria Hotel

  1. Faisal Aboo the one who owns 80% of Limbe.
  2. Batatawala, of Umodzi park buildings
  3. Chunara of Chisale cement gate
  4. Choma chief supplier of beef @ MDF
  5. Zameer Karim, of 145 million to Mutharika

The black indigenous Malawians have been left in the cold for along time… Malawians have watched these crooked Indians raping government and now feel enough is enough.

The anger of Black indigenous Malawians over the crooked Indians taking a big share of government contracts is so intense. It’s a ticking bomb that will explode anytime soon in form of a Revolution.

The Tonse Alliance led government can avoid the impending Revolution by adopting policies that empower indigenous black people. Government contracts must go to indigenous black people. You can’t go to India and get a govt contract. You can’t go to India, or china and own Land ….it’s totally impossible.

Its just a matter of time Malawians will reclaim their Land back

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