By Richard Kanyenda

What started as normal exercise of every five year period on the 21st of May, 2019 has become a trademark in the social media as well as the Art Industry.

The word is ‘Madando’ which simply means complaints in the Queen’s language.

The word, which is not very new among typical Chichewa speakers, was heard, at least for the first time in the electral season,  from the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Dr. Jane Ansah, SC JA who used it more repeatedly whenever she addressed the press briefings in Chichewa.

According to Madame Ansah, the word which is a deep lexon in the national language in Malawi, was a rightful vocabulary to mean any complaints or concerns that candidates and their political parties had during the May Tripartite Elections.

Now, MEC has finally released the electoral results and winners are out and about celebrating their victory but there’s one characteristic about the polls.

Some candidates feel the electoral process was not fair, free and credible enough as  MEC claims. So, disgruntled candidates and parties have been exhausting their ‘Madando’ through every means that is at their disposal.

What’s more interesting about this electoral season is the coinage of the word ‘Madando’ and how it has become a household trademark.

In the social media, the word has spread so quickly like bush fire. As if the social media is not a wide domain to monopolize the word, Art Industry has also claimed a fair share of the same.

Patience Namadingo, a well know gospel artist has not spared the word but to release a single bearing it as its title.

What’s more intriguing about the song, though,  is the fusion of the message and the instrumentals.

The song strongly laughs at the politicians as selfish and exploitative people who only use their supporters, especially the youths for their personal gains.

Namadingo begins by asking politicians how they feel when they see young people leaving Malawi for other countries in search for piece works.

He further questions political leaders how they feel when they go and enjoy overseas, in the countries that are well developed and yet Malawi is in rugs.

Namadingo then sends a clear message to the selfish politicians that when time comes for the society to judge them, no sympathy will be felt on them since it is the work of  their hands that will speak for them.

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