MEC reaches hard-to-reach Neno polling center

By Enock Naphazi, Mec Stringer

Hard- to-reach Chitika Village from Senior Chief Dambe in Neno will
have an opportunity to cast their ballot on May 21 2019 tripartite
elections, thanks to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) for hiring the
locals to transport the polling materials to the area.

The area is cut due to the Mkulumadzi river, a development that
compels people to brave the water by entering the river to cross to
the other end.

According to Village head Chitika the pillars that were erected at the
river was washed away in 2013 and since then no political party or
candidates has paid attention to this problem.

Chitika thanked MEC for opening a polling center in the area saying in
the past elections it was difficult for his people to exercise their
right to vote as many of them could not manage to cross the river to
Kamoto where there is next polling center.

Ireen Kambambe who is one of the registered voter at Chitika said
Since the establishment of Chitika Village they have never seen a
vehicle in the village and things turn worse during rainy season where
the village is completely disconnected from other side of the river.

Kambambe 36 , said she is excited that  for the first time she will
cast her vote in her own area at chitika polling center.

MEC recorded 147 registered voters from Chitika polling center
Meanwhile all the sensitive and non-sensitive polling materials have
been delivered to all 69 polling centers in the district by Sunday 8

Neno district has two constituencies Neno north and Neno south and
four  wards for councilors Lisungwi and Ligowe in Neno South, Chikonde
and Chilibondo in Neno North,

MEC recorded a total of 55,998 registered voters in the whole Neno district