Photo by: The Ring Magazine via Getty Images

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has confessed his regret about owning two tigers as pets, saying he was ‘foolish’ because the animals could ‘kill you anytime’.

The former heavyweight became synonymous with the wild cats after bringing them into his home and had been seen playing and fighting with the dangerous predators, but now he reflects that was ‘wrong’ to do so.

Speaking to rapper Fat Joe on Instagram Live, he said he was naive to think he could control the tigers, conceding that one hit from them would be deadly. 

Mike Tyson and one of his tigers outside his Las Vegas home. 
Photo by: The Ring Magazine via Getty Images

Tyson said he raised them as cubs and even placed an order for the animals while he was serving time in prison, likely between 1992 and 1995.

He told Fat Joe that a friend of his who imported cars said he was considering trading vehicles for some animals. Tyson asked him what kind of animals.

“He said, ‘Horses and stuff, and my dad raised tigers and lions, too. If you got one of those that would be cooler than a Ferrari.’

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