Malawi in terror: Suspected DPP Cadets petrol bomb HRDC

Timothy Mtambo has since May 21st of 2019 led sometimes unlawful and destructive demonstrations against the Malawi Government on the pretext of rigged Polls by MEC and Malawi President Peter Mutharika who was declared winner of the elections by MEC and its chairperson Jane Ansah.

When his demonstrations led to nowhere, he resorted to lies such as being firebombed to gain sympathy and support especially from gullible human rights organizations.

Sometime last year Mtambo claimed his home had been petrol bombed in what he said to have been targeted by DPP supporters in a move to stop mass demonstrations planned for the following week.

Mtambo then claimed falsely that three bombs were thrown at his car and his Home,

Mtambo, who claimed to be at home at the time of the attacks, told the media “This was a deliberate attack on my life.

However, Malawi Police never verified his claims, and no one was brought to Justice.

According to leaders of the DPP such as Homeland Security Minister Nicholas Dausi who always believed his motives were Political rather than civil rights,  when the HRDC leader Timothy Mtambo, today  resigned as Chairperson of the coalition, They said he  “used the organization through violent demonstrations as a steppingstone to attain political ambition,” .

Dausi told journalists in Lilongwe that Mtambo, who has since formed his political party Citizens for Transformation (CFT), said the leaders’ move to join front line politics confirms Government’s earlier stand that he has all along been disguising himself as a human rights defender.

Rights campaigner and chairperson of the Human Rights Defenders Coalition Timothy Mtambo last night escaped unhurt in a gun attack in Lilongw..

A story told by Timothy Mtambo  claiming that he was  shot at while driving home without witnesses was carried by Media such as AP is now being questioned by many on Social Media and part of the blame is also directed at the Malawi Media which seem to lack investigative curiosity and rush to publish every accusation Mtambo has been making.

Social Media incredulous to HRDC’s Timothy Mtambo claims of being fired upon last night

“The bullets burst the back tyre and front tyre on the driver’s side, but he managed to control the car and he drove to safety,” Mtambo’s colleague Reverend MacDonald told AFP.

At Least now we know Timothy Mtambo will no longer be involved in any civil rights activities.

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