MWANZA-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi Police in the boarder district of Mwanza are keeping in custody a 19 year-old Alice Masala over faking a pregnancy.

Mwanza Police Station Publicist Edward Kaunda informed The Maravi Post that Masala was arrested on Saturday for giving false information to a Public officer.

Kaunda said the suspect in the month of March this year went to Mwanza District Hospital and disclosed to medical personnel that she is pregnant and in labor.

As per protocol a nurse was assigned to examine Alice to indenitfy how far along she was. However Alice disappeared and was not examined as per requirement.

It was noted by patients and medical personal that Alice continued to stay in the maternity ward without getting any assistance as she would randomly disappear when medical checkups were scheduled.

“On September 2, this year, Alice was cornered in the ward and taken to an examination room. Where it was revealed that she was not pregnant but rather had tied several pieces of clothes on her belly to appear pregnant.

“The medical officers informed police who in return arrested Masala. The suspect will appear in court soon to answer the charge of giving false information to a Public officer,” said Kaunda.

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