TB Joshua’s 2020 Prophecy on Economy
Sermons Online Prophet TB Joshua (January-05-2020) PROPHECY FOR 2020

“I am good example of ‘Leave it for God’. Prophet ‘Leave it for God’. That is me for you; I know what I am doing. You think I cannot fight? My name is ‘Leave it for God’. Because I will not allow this to affect my future.

The future is very clear – clear and bright. Why should I allow anything to stain that future? The only way they can stain it is to attack and insult you. Your answer to that insult will stain the future. Don’t trade anything with the future. Suffer now and enjoy tomorrow.

Please – be patient for the future. That is the answer. We are not patient for the future; you are too much in a hurry. “I have to defend myself” – no. A time is coming – your future will answer them. Unanswered questions – the future will answer. If you can be patient, that future will answer your critics. Be patient – your future will answer your critics. That is when God will set a table before you and every essential of life will be on the table. The table will answer your critics.


Future is next – an hour to come, a second to come. Your life can change any moment from now! When we say future, people think ten years from now. ‘I cannot wait; I am still a student. I am unemployed. I am homeless. How will I arrange my future? What future is this man talking about?’ Future belongs to God and future is what we call mystery. How it happens – you don’t know.

The glory – many have lost it. We have to be frank. We got it before and we lost it but God is merciful. Don’t give up. If you have lost it, that is not the end. Be patient for your future. Your future will answer your critics. Your future will answer your enemies. Your future will answer your adversaries.”

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