It’s very interesting observing that some orange intellectuals who feel they own Peoples Party than their fellow friends labelling Chilumpha as having no salt,neither added value nor was an influential in the party rather being a useless Vice President for the central region.

Thats very unfortunate of Peoples Party looking at how humble and royal Chilumpha was to the orange camp.

Take it or leave it but Chilumpha was better of than having a combination of Uladi Mussa,Brown Mpinganjira,Gwanda Chakuamba,Fahad Assan and other catches in the orange camp.

Its a fact that Chilumpha might have not been a favourite to his fellow politicians but he has proved to the Malawi nation that he is a political material worthy not loosing regarding his political score.

Here is the man who was entrusted by UDF to be its runing mate in the 2004 elections with Bingu wa Muthalika and he proved his political strenght as UDF won the elections and he became the state vice president.A running mate in General elections always determines the winning formular and if Chilumpha convinced millions of us and was voted along with Bingu then i guess his credibility is not questionable and for sure the orange camp has lost him at a wrong time.

Yes,Chilumpha is the man who was better off than having insulting Uladi Mussa in the orange camp,this man managed to beat Uladi in the PP convention for the central region vice presidency and do you know why the popular chenji golo lost to him?The answer is simple,Chilumpha is a man of great intergrity,sound judgement,matured,royal,calm,composed,stratergical and above all,he has a choice of words to utter in public as a leader.Fame is not all about insults but what comes out of someones brain,i mean ideas hence Chilumpha outclassed Uladi Mussa.In simple terms,just looking at that,who do tou think is better of between Chilumpha and Uladi?For sure Kaka is the man.

In addition,Chilumpha was a man not to loose than having Brown Mpinganjira in the orange camp.By the way,when did Mpinganjira last won a mere parliamentary seat?Why is it that the People of Mulanje have no confidence to entrust BJ with a parliamentary seat?The answer is simple.they know he has nothing to offer them and you cant compare BJ with Kaka who has never lost an election.For your information,even if Chilumpha is to contest in Mulanje Central against BJ i tell you Chilumpha will win.PP has lost a great man and opted to have people whose political future was dead and only resurrected when JB became president.Malawians nearly forgot BJ you cant compare him to kaka.

By the way,do you know why Chilumpha contested as an independent in 2009?The genesis was the same as this and it was the same Fahad Assan masterminding that.UDF favoured Assan and Chilumpha was frustrated which forced him dump UDF to be an independent and guess what,Fahad Assan lost to this same Chilumpha in the election and i can forsee history repeating itsself.As i already said,Chilumpha may not be a favourite to fellow politicians but he is a darling to the electorates.This is a seasoned politician who knows what it takes to coax votes and losing him to Assan is just another failed attempt rather political suicide.

Without fear and favour,Magede Si Wandale is not PP and he will never be but the fact is that,Chilumpha was better off than having uladi,gwanga,assan,bj and the other useless new catch in PP who will not bring any impact to the ruling party.

Let me close my chapter with this,Peoples Party is just like a fisherman who is bussy catching dead usipa and he is thinking that he is catching more and in return throws away the chambo he had already caught and was with him in the boat.



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