Do we still need to remind ourselves of the millions and billions of naira that were swallowed by acclaimed unknown snakes, monkeys and the likes some years back?, or should we begin to tell tales of how our government schools that are supposed to be funded by the state are underdeveloped due to lack of financial maintenance?, we could possibly decide to take a look at the just recent negative effect of the hidden covid-19 palliatives.

We must begin to tell ourselves the truth, but worryingly, we have amongst us, hypocrites, who are waiting to become direct victims of this evilly, draconian and adolf-hitler blown regime before they steer up the activism in them.

The thieves we’re talking about are those who do not carry machine guns or any weapon contained under section 11 RFA, neither do they stay on highways or barge into peoples houses. 

The thieves we’re talking about are those who put on fine, neatly starched and ironed flowing agbadas or styled senatorial wears as they call it, drives the latest luxurious cars, parades the roads with armed escorts and sits in red and green chambers, deciding the fate of the Nigerian peoples. 

They no longer secretly steal our money, they now arbitrarily exploit and extort us during broad-day light with harsh and draconian policies, making us pay heavily for what they should have provided freely, thereby subjecting the people to untold and inhumane hardship.

It should be known that it is the actions of these thieves who go about in flowing agbadas that have influenced these other sets of thieves who stay on highways and carry guns to carry out nocturnal, nefarious and ignoble activities. 

These thieves in flowing agbadas have a way of buying themselves out from detention, some of these thieves are even protected by the very government of  Nigeria who swore to uphold and do justice and to see that anyone who errs against the state is duly punished. Sadly, some of us are above the law which in itself holds that it is supreme and above everyone.

The Nigerian space has become a place where our supposed leaders who cart away our national cake for their generation yet unborn, enjoy unmerited and maximum peace, living flamboyant, peacocky, splurgy and  ostentatious lifestyles at the detriment of the poor, hapless, hopeless and bedraggled citizens. 
In the words of MOHAMMED, JSC in the case of ISA v. STATE, these thieves have no moral rectitude, they throw overboard and are a cancer to the society. 

Whenever these thieves pass by, the citizens who are not awakened to the ills and malady that these thieves brings, hails them, raising up high their hands and voices, shouting in local terms “baba o, baba o, my honourable, my senator”, these thieves in turn throw out mouth watering sums of amount to the pitiable posse, who struggle amongst themselves to have a share of the thrown sum, this is most saddening.

That some persons cannot be brought to book, administratively, after greedily stealing what should have been for the general public in a supposed country where laws are been made is a clog to the development of such country and can arguably be projected and tailored to be a happy and safe den where thieves resides.

For salvation for the Nigerian state, there’s need for political renaissance and societal rejuvenation. Until this is achieved, the Nigerian state shall continue to be a SAFE HAVEN FOR THIEVES.

JOSEPH ALIU is a Human Rights Activist, Good Governance Advocate and a 300 level Law student, Oou Chapter and can be reached via 09029265474,09085773212, [email protected]

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