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Of Chakwera’s irresponsible and insensitive statement on albino killings; Why wanting to end the vice only if voted into power

By Falles Kamanga

The leading opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera  on Thursday assured  the nation of ending attacks on people with albinism within a month if voted into power during the May 21 elections

Chakwera told the news conference in the capital Lilongwe the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration has “miserably failed” to deliver on its socio-economic promises to Malawians and gave the DPP government low marks on the attacks of persons with albinism.

The MCP leader said the DPP promised security for all, but has to provide security for person with albinism and others who are attacked for political reasons.

Chakwera accused the Malawi Police Service (MPS) of failing to successfully investigate cases of abductions and killings of people with albinism.

The MCP leader hinted once again that  he cannot act now on albino abductions and killings until he is voted into power.

He shed crocodile tears as if he is concerned but is just playing the ceasar part in trying to work his way to get the presidential crown like Julius Caesar.

They are not waiting for more albinos to be abducted and killed as Chakwera is doing.

The MCP leader mentions the names of the people involved in albino killings but can not exclusively highlight how it is done. When..who buys..for what purpose?

These allegations are serious and  Chakwera must at once be true to what he says to reflect to what he was taught as a man of God

But he should know that this issue of albino killing is not and should not be politicised

This is an insensitive and irresponsible statement to come from a political leader. It exposes a number of things about Chakwera:


  1. That he knows who is abducting and killing albinos in Malawi but does not want to act because if the problem ends now, people will not have any reason to vote for him


  1. That he is a heartless man who is happy to see albinos being abducted and killed and won’t do anything about it unless he gains votes out of the killings


  1. That he does not want to work with some communities that have ganged up and stopped abductions and killings of albinos in their areas


  1. That he is a leader who puts votes ahead of the need to stop suffering of other people


  1. That he could be the one hiring or sponsoring people to abduct and kill people with albinism so as to create a situation where people see him as the one who could solve the problem once they vote him into power.


Malawians should reject such irresponsible leaders. There are many Malawians that are working hard to solve the problem now and they do so without aiming for profit like Chakwera is doing. Responsible leaders are acting NOW!


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Maravi Post Author
Maravi Post Author
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  1. Ufiti sikutamba kokha kapena kupha anzanthu a albino komanso kunama chifukwa chafuna kupeza ndalama monga momwe achitira uyu Kamanga uyu. Akulipira zambiri eti? Mwina ukulandira zomwezo zogulitsa ziwalo za abale anga a albino.Nanga bwanji,? Chakwera ananena bwino zina mwa izo zimene angazachite akazalowa m’boma koma iwe wasankha kupotodza nkhani ija, mulungu akukhulukire iwe Kamanga ndithu! Koma unamvetsera bwinobwino? Chakwera sanalumbire nawo kuteteza alinse kapena kuti sangalamule anzathu a zachitetezo, kapena malamulo woyendetsera dziko siukuwatsata bwino bwino iwe Kamanga? Ndiye ndikupemphe kuti uwakumbutse abwana ako akuwauze a president kuti zomwe adanena Chakwera kumapeto ndi zomwe boma la chapani DPP lomwe president wake ndi APM ayenera kuchita basi, wamva iwe Kamanga?

  2. Dear Mr Kajera,
    I write to directly comment on your views. Practical critism is and should be applied without fear or restraint. While it may be true that Chakwera has no mandate to enforce the law but I think every Malawian of good will has the responsibility to help law enforcers. Assuming that I know an albino killer an I choose to fold my legs and watch more of the sad drama on stage, definitely my conscious should make a jerk within me. And in this case what should a good Malawian do?

    • You are right Chakwea was leader of opposition party in Parliament he had power to do something

      Call an emergency session for example

  3. The author of his article has not done his / her homework properly but is bent on pleasing his or her paymaster. The authority in power has the mandate to enforce the law and ensure every Malawian is protected. Can Chakwera as leader of opposition issue a command to the Inspector General of police? Can he give orders to the Minister of Home affairs? Please revisit your article and write something that makes sense other than mislead Malawians.

    • “I will work with the Police, the Army, the Civil Society Organizations, National Intelligence Services, as well as the all Malawians to completely deal with the issues of albinism,” said Chakwera.

      Are you saying Mutharika is not working with the Police to stop this

  4. Lazarus Chakwera should know that this issue of albino killing is not and should not be politicised> However he is blinded by ambition. This man is not fit to be President

  5. A Falles , olira samutseka pakamwa. These senseless murders of people living with albinism have affected everybody. Could be family member or a friend of a friend. In Tanzania someone took a bold step and the issues are no longer big news. Every life is precious no matter the condition of the person. Government needs to wake and do the right. In fact if I was Chakwera I could have gone further to say that I was going be the first President to sign the death sentence of any convicted ritual killer. May be he can not say that as a pastor. People like you Falles who are twisting facts on straightforward issues are a big shame to the intelligentsia.

  6. The author of this article is a big liar. The leadership of this country can stop the killing and abductions of albinos if they want to. The MCP leader is not wrong to remind the government that it has the responsibility to stop this. The president has the Army, Police and NIB at his disposal.
    Let him empower these security bodies to flush out Albino killers you will see what will happen. The State should allow the Police to use torture on suspects if they are not cooperative . Use waterboarding, electric shock etc on the suspects; they will reveal who sends them to kill our brothers.
    On albino killings, the government should suspend some of the Human Rights Conventions it signed. No bail application for suspects, death penalty for the convicted. The president should be bold enough to sign the death sentences.
    As a nation let us kill the Albino killers even if it means public shooting to deter others.
    These things cannot be done by someone who is not a Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces in our Republic.

  7. I think you did not listen to the presser or you are just and idiot or daft person. Below is the message that you are referring to and please read it for your education before you expose your stupidity here.

    The message covers both how he intends to do it and how the government can end it now.


    _(Press statement for immediate release)_

    Fellow Malawians,

    Yesterday, my heart was broken by the news that a 14 year old boy with albinism was abducted in the area of TA Chilikumwendo in Dedza district.

    Like all of you, I am horrified by this latest act of gross brutality, which has become a shameful stain on our nation, *this being the third such abduction in the last two months.* If you are a Malawi citizen, especially if you are living with albinism or living near someone with albinism, I share your heartbreak at this news.

    *BUT I GIVE YOU THIS ASSURANCE:* once I am sworn in as President this May, *with the Malawi Defense Force, the Police, and the National Intelligence Bureau at my command, I will end these crimes within one month.*

    *But you maybe wondering why President Mutharika is not using these same powers to end these abductions and murders.* *Well, I can tell you why.*

    People living with albinism would not be targets for these abductors and murderers if there was no market for their body parts. The only reason these killers are emboldened to keep doing this is because there is a market that demands the supply. *So all President Mutharika needs to do is order the Police to squeeze the murderers who have already been caught doing this in the past, so that those criminals can reveal the people they supply to, and then those people can be arrested.*

    We know that our skilled men and women in the Police Service are able to do this, because we have seen them do this against other types of crimes.

    We have seen our police catching drug users, and then squeezing them for information to catch the drug lords financing the trade. We have seen our police catching people with illegal forex, and then squeezing for information to catch the people financing the trade. We know that our police are able to find the people whose money is financing these murders, but somehow our police are not using the information acquired from the arrested criminals to track down the buyers. *And in this country, there is only one person who has the power to use the Police and track down the Albino buyers, and that person is none other than our very own President Mutharika.*

    *President Mutharika knows that as a country, we already have a National Action Plan to stop these murders, an action plan that requires 3 billion Kwacha only, but he has not yet found the motivation to release money from the Treasury so that we can deal with this once and for all.*

    *All it needs is 3 Billion Kwacha, and he cannot find it in his budget, but he can find 53 Billion Kwacha to pay for overpriced uniforms for the Department of Immigration. The only person who has the power to put 3 Billion Kwacha in the budget to implement the National Action Plan to stop these murders is President Mutharika.*

    So Fellow Malawians,

    *You need to know that whoever is in the syndicate that is buying the body parts of people with albinism is deemed so powerful that the police feel restrained from arresting them; the buyers are deemed so powerful that the murderers feel motivated to continue killing for them; the buyers are deemed so powerful that the President continues to resist funding the National Action Plan to stop these murders; the buyers are so powerful that the President continues to resist using his constitutional power as Commander in Chief to order the police to bring them to justice.*

    So I only have three words to President Mutharika: *DO YOUR JOB!*

    *Stop being a coward and do your job. Stop refusing to fund the National Action Plan, and do your job. If you do not end this, these murders will be the legacy of your one term presidency. But even though your time of leading this country is up, we will keep demanding that you do your job. In fact, I am calling on all Malawians to join me and all CSOs as we march to your house on March 3 to demand that you do your job.*

    *Now to all Malawians living with albinism, I know you are living in fear:*

    *~ I promise you that as President from this May, I will bring the entire syndicate and market that has been financing these murders to justice, and it will take one month.*

    ~ I will work with CSOs, the Police, the Army, the Association of People living with Albinism, the international community, neighboring countries, and local communities where people with albinism live.

    *~ My government in waiting is mobilizing special personalized devices that each person with albinism and the families they live with will be equipped with to alert a rapid response unit of the police when they feel threatened.*

    *~ I will set up special rapid response units of the police in every ward specializing in tracking down suspects of this evil.*

    ~ My government will also provide housing for every family in which a member is living with albinism, houses specially designed with security features to detect intruders.

    *~ I will also provide each of those families with social welfare payments to improve their living conditions and address their unique vulnerabilities.*

    ~ I promise you we will leave no stone unturned, and together, we will end this evil, and the powerful people behind this will be exposed and jailed. I give you my word.

    To those families who have already lost a loved one at the hands of these criminals, I offer you not only my heartfelt condolences, but on behalf of all Malawians, I offer you my sincere apology. We have failed you as a nation, and you deserve better from all of us. But as for me, I guarantee you that *HELP IS ON THE WAY.*

    Now before I and my colleagues take questions, may I ask you all to stand and observe a minute of silence for the young boy who has been taken from us, and to offer a silent prayer for God to watch over him and give us strength to stop this Satanic evil.

    *Lazarus Chakwera,*
    Issued in Lilongwe,
    14th February, 2019.

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