By Falles Kamamga


Just a few days ago, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, Lazarus Chakwera and Joyce Banda of Peoples Party (PP) majestically walked into one of the conferences at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe where they were welcomed by hundreds of their supporters singing and ululating.

This was a much awaited press conference that the two parties had organized after officially announcing their electoral alliance few days earlier.

Barely a day after that press conference, a document containing details of Joyce Banda’s plan to capture MCP was trending on social media.

This was a document that was produced by a think tank of scholars that JB hired while she was in self-imposed exile.

It is actually very difficult not to believe the authenticity of the leaked document. What is in the document is actually what is happening on the ground.

The alliance was supposed to strengthen MCP, but it has weakened it massively. Make no mistake about it, MCP has been circled by vultures.

The old guard are up in arms with their leadership for selling the party to Joyce Banda’s PP. They have brutally realized that JB sold them a dummy. She has played them like pawns. It is very fair to say MCP problems have reached absolute rock bottom.

How did they not see it coming? When PP’s top brass poured into their party they should have raised eyebrows. It should have surprised the MCP old guard when all former PP members eyed influential positions at the 2018 party convention. Instead, they voted for them and they all won. Their own vote sold the party.

MCP is paralysed, vested interest groups like the PP vultures are bullying the old guard into silence but the old guard are also hitting back. They all spend most of their time belittling and abusing each other rather than focusing on the interests of their party or its supporters.

Chakwera is feeling the heat, loyal and legitimate members of MCP’s NEC are baying for his blood. Who can blame them? They know for sure that Joyce Banda will destroy the party. MCP supporters are very angry, the excitement that engulfed them has been short lived. They now believe what some renowned political commentators said when the MCP-PP affair was just a rumour; the coming of Joyce Banda and her PP into MCP is the crushing political tsunami that should have been avoided.

MCP are not just a lame duck as we draw closer to elections, they are a limbless canard whose head has been so badly suffocated it now dangles perilously from its neck like a buckled crane.

They deserve it. Their leadership has been awful since Chakwera took over from John Tembo. PP vultures sensed something smelly in your party and they came panting like a deer that has seen a stream for the first time. Tembo could not have let that happen under his watch, in fact JB and her team wouldn’t dare to come near MCP of John Tembo.

Wake up Chakwera, all eyes are on you. MCP supporters and others are waiting to see how you are going to solve the problem at hand and bring the much needed unity in your party. Malawians are sick of you behaving like a stroppy, petty, dysfunctional, point-scoring brat. Being President is a tough, relentlessly demanding job that requires 100% focus, drive and determination at all times.

I simply ask Malawians to consider how much better or worse our country would be with MCP?


DisclaimerViews expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post


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