By Saunders Jumah
Malawi did away with special branch a political arm in the department of police in 1994.
The British funded police reform program that took two to three years to transform and reform police into a peoples police from political police.
25 years later under your inspectorate we are amazed to see riot police threatening to tear gas red coloured dressed people coming to welcome their leader who doubles to be the vice president of the Republic.
Are you turning the transformed and reformed police into a political tool?
Citizens who are abreast with the meaning of democracy of multiparty are wondering what is the police doing in trying to crush opposition voice? Last time you arrested a niece of former president Bingu Wa Mutharika because of her freedom of speech she had with one of the private media outlet.
You repeated again last Sunday by blocking followers and supporters of UTM at Kamuzu International airport.
As the country is weeping and crying against corruption and public theft being done by the government, you are not supposed to be political as this indicate in the following months leading to elections your police will be brutal.
In this statement we condemn your actions and call for restraint. Your duty is to maintain peace and order not to be political.
In Democratic dispensation where plural politics is concerned your fundamental objective is to be neutral and focus much on keeping peace and order.
Unless you tell us that you were informed by state intelligence that the vice president was planning to takeover government through armed means on his arrival in Malawi.
As far as we know United Transformation Movement (UTM) members are law abiding and peaceful citizens, they have demonstrated ever since this movement got launched.
We do not understand why you had to deploy armed to teeth police to block citizens from welcoming their leader?
The political landscape in Malawi is tilted we do not want to see Police involved and implicated in this scenario where you are used as mercenaries of the ruling party.
You are urged to uphold the new charter of the police we enacted in 1994 not the old of 31 years.
We are in multiparty democracy and no political party is superior more than the other. In your eyes and books political parties must be equal and treated the same.
Failure to stick to this principle our country is fast deepening into political turmoil.
We expect to see a tolerant and democratic police in Malawi.
Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post
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