Ghanaian Pastor says God told him to shave female church members’ private parts as cleansing

By Thandi Chadzandiyani

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-News dominating our social media spaces was that of a prophet allegedly caught in a love triangle with newly-weds in this past weeks.

The couple wedded on October 2, 2021. But by the end of the week, they had separated courtesy of the prophet’s romantic involvement with the wife. Now, this is not an isolated case. Many women are attracted and are loyal to their prophets than husbands. Society is trying to understand why women are particularly attracted to these fake religious leaders.

Privileged in taking part in one interesting debate among journalists on one WhatsApp group. I keenly followed it and was amused with the discussion centering on why most women seem to be loyal to their prophets and religious leaders than their husbands and families.

Let me share what I got as my take home message.

Women love and need attention. When they are in a relationship, they want their man to give them lots of it. If the husband is not good at checking on the wife, she feels neglected and unloved. Now enters these prophets. They know women love attention and give it. As early as 5 am, they send a good morning message, accompanied by a catchy verse from the Bible. This small gesture goes a long way in making a woman feel special.

These men know that by giving women attention, they have the biggest asset by their side. Attention is an enabler. It makes a woman go crazy.

They also use money from offerings to make women feel loved. They give and buy women little gifts that matter. Coupled with the attention, women are ready to risk it all, thinking the fake ‘prophet’ has real love for them.

They also know that the majority of women who frequent their prayer rooms are broken and vulnerable. They play their ways to their hearts by attentively listening to them when they complain. They then use the same information to make the women feel loved. They end up asking for intimacy which the women give willingly.

These prophets have mastered the art of psychological manipulation. They, therefore, position themselves as the only source of hope. Women naturally love promises. These prophets use the word of God to manipulate the women folk and take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

At the end of the day, women are complex, but easy-to-please human beings. Men need to listen, study and understand the woman they are in love with and give her what she needs in abundance. Then they won’t lose her to these fake ‘prophets’ or men of ‘gold’.

Also, pay attention to how these religious leaders dress or carry themselves— the aura of power and confidence around them. These attributes are an attraction on their own.

Sadly, we have huge sections of men in our society who refuse to listen. They will argue without even trying to understand how women reason.

But I think as women, we can do better. There is no justification for cheating. No matter how much attention that man of ‘gold’ is giving you, just don’t open your legs to him. It will surely end it tears because the truth is, these men do not only pay attention to one woman from their church, they do it to multiple!

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