Malawi COVID-19 on 08/27/2020

Our politics in this moment seem fundamentally broken, and from our broken politics has emerged a broken government of Dr Lazarus Chakwera incapable of responsibly leading the nation through this pandemic.

At a time, Malawi is in a public health crisis, people dying every day due to Covid-19, people expect serious direction from leadership.

Despite the escalating numbers of Covid-19 cases, sadly Lazarus Chakwera has never put the pandemic on his priority list before and after the elections. It is no secret he saw the Coronavirus as an impediment to his elections as its elevated Peter Mutharika to a problem solver and Lazarus Chakwera and his surrogates minimized and, in some cases, accused Mutharika of exaggerating the potential damaging effects of the virus.

Chakwera’s indecisiveness on COVID-19

As a matter of fact, when Peter Mutharika proposed a lockdown Lazarus Chakwera supported the injunction instigated by the HRDC which was an extension of the opposition.

So far Malawi has over three thousand cases with over 100 deaths. In the last 5 days deaths are increasing at average of close to 7 a day.

When people heard that the president was going to address the nation on his weekly empty updates, they had hopes that he will outline the new strategy to tackle the disease that is causing havoc around the globe. To people’s disappointment, he came and threatened of more and more arrests and said nothing about Covid-19 that is claiming lives!

Here is a leader who can fire his Principal Secretary at press briefing who is an expert in health matters for political reason at the time the country is facing a spike in the pandemic.

Just as president Chakwera has abandoned the responsibilities that previously were expected of the office, his entire  cabinet too has no clue on what to do in their ministries; instead every minister is talking like a police officer or anti-corruption bureau officer and mostly relies on social media propagandas to threaten the nation that they will effect more arrests which most likely in the near future cost Malawians their tax in compensations due to lack of evidence.

But Dr Chakwera must be reminded that the oath office he took was to protect the people of Malawi from such diseases.

 Malawians want to hear their President talking of ventilators in hospitals, masks, and other remedies that will caution the vulnerable from the pandemic.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the writer’s and do not reflect the views of The Maravi Post or Publisher.

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