Malawi president Peter Mutharika: incompetent leader of the century

The absence of war does not justify peace: it also requires justice and tools of human rights. Likewise democracy requires various freedoms and leveled playing field, and thousands of bill of rights and civil liberties.

Blocking or barring voices of reason and songs of justice on the national broadcaster (Malawi Broadcasting Corporation), are as good as having a country with African president but using colonial instruments.

At 53 year of independence and 23 of democratic rule, Malawi has gone lower than expected. Should a government be wasting time crushing public voices and blocking the voice of reason instead of promoting it for consensus?

Peter Mutharika has been found to be an incompetent leader of the century. The world is looking for educated leaders to lead our respective nations, with the intention of lighting up the globe with knowledge and civilization, but Malawi is worse because education seems to be a disadvantage to our national development.

In this era of information, technology and digital dispensation, you cannot block information dissemination.

One way or another, information will still reach out, because whatever you bar on the MBC (Malawi Broadcasting Corporation), will still be broadcasted elsewhere on other radio stations, and television channels.

Barring Michael Usi programs and Lucius Banda informative music, sounds illogical, stupid, and senseless.

Malawians are not sleeping or living in the pockets of Peter Mutharika to be kept dead or blind from what is happening inside or outside the country.

Kamuzu Banda managed to keep Malawi closed but never again, and no one will bring back that silence in Malawi or the world again.

As a national representative of Malawi constituency, I stand to demand from Malawi parliament to adopt a bill that will bar the MBC from receiving government funding because it is now a political tool of one political party and not the national media arm of the country.

Peter Mutharika behaves more like a dictator of the past regimes living in the olden days of 1945 to 1980s.

May someone sitting close to him, please inform him that this is 2017 where free-flow of information is blowing like the wind where no political mediocrity and chauvinism can stop sharing of information.

Peter Mutharika was supposed to be a person that was going to transform Malawi, taking advantage of his long stay in the nation known as thr mother of democracy — the United States of America — in the universe.

But what we have in Malawi, is a pity and shameful. He has completely failed to seal the hole that is continuously depriving Malawian citizens of basic services.

Furthermore, “corruption”, despite knowing and evidence presented to him of the thieves and corrupt personalities, he nonsensically shields them, instead of being aggressive against them.

Peter Mutharika has indeed, failed Malawi in our crusade fighting against corruption and state plunder in state resources.

Presently, we can only supersede our dreams by learning how other people in other nations behave and by tolerating dissenting views.

Writing all these in a civilized nation must be regarded as sharing knowledge and teaching each other how best we can transform and change our nation.

In our uncivilized government these views are no knowledge and instead are seditious and treasonous. We do not hate Peter Mutharika, we are just pointing out his weaknesses for rectification and correction. We are not his enemies, rather we are doing what others are paid for (his advisors) but failing to do.

This is a free advice that an intelligent leader could grasp without delay. There are points that lead to more votes on Election Day, without efforts to rig.

Peace is not just the absence of war but the presence of justice too.
Democracy is not just the absence of elections but the presence of the rule of law, and free-will among citizens.

The DPP-led government is destroying the pillars of democracy and the reason we fought for multiparty.

A reminder! Multiparty and democracy did not come on a silver plate, and was it not given. Blood was shed and lives lost, and we will not accept further bloodshed to service and renew our quest for the consolidation of democracy.

We therefore, remember those whose blood watered our freedom, democracy and multiparty system of government.

Because of that, whoever comes to rule our country, will not be left to stifle, muzzle, destroy, abuse or corrupt our hard won system.

We will speak, we will accuse, we will voice, we will argue, and we will talk in defence of our freedom and democracy.


DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are not necessarily the opinions of the Publisher or the Editor of The Maravi Post

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