Saulos Chilima
Malawi Veep Saulos Chilima Creating Tensions in the DPP and uneasy Relationship with his Boss Peter Mutharika

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—Malawi’s political analyst Ernest Thindwa has urged Malawians to take heed of Vice President Saulos Chilima’s piece of advice to stop clapping hands for politicians’ stupidity.

Vice President Saulos Chilima advised Malawians to stop applauding stupid statements or actions made by their leaders including President Peter Mutharika.

Chilima said this when he attended New Year prayers on Sunday at St Patrick’s parish.

“In 2017 tisiye kuombera m’manja zopusa as Catholics (In 2017 as Catholics let’s stop clapping hands on stupid things) because Malawi is going down the drain,” said Chilima.

Ernest Thindwa
Ernest Thindwa: chanco political science lecturer

He added: “Kaya akupanga ndi president Kaya ndi vice president kaya ndi leader of opposition and his vice kaya ndi MP kaya ndi councillor, tisiye kuombera mmanja zopusa dziko likuonongeka.”

Commenting on the remarks, Thindwa has asked Malawians to start taking active role on matters that affect their lives, arguing citizens’ passiveness is increasingly putting the country in economic turmoil.

“What the vice president said is a serious problem in the country. Malawians do not speak even when the leaders are going astray. We always clap hands for stupidity and we are always passive on very critical issues,” said Thindwa in an interview with Zodiak on Tuesday morning.

He added: “I know those who are used to archaic politics will misinterpret the message by the vice president but those who are in line with the wind of progress will know take it as a very good piece of advice if Malawi is to register improvements in different sectors of the economy.”

Recently, Malawi’s legendary Musician Lucius Banda labelled Malawian Youths as a “Pathetic Generation” accusing them of being inactive and failing to rise up and fight for their freedom and human rights on critical issues.

The self-proclaimed ‘Soldier of the poor’ told the patrons at the show in Mzuzu that he is tired of fighting for the freedom of people who are inactive.

“I am tired of singing because you are just sitting down. You are a pathetic generation,” Banda said.

Sometime back, Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) Executive Director John Kapito shared the same sentiments in blaming Malawians for relying on few individuals to speak on their grievances.


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