Vice President Chilima greeting President MutharikaLilongwe, April 25: President Prof. Peter Mutharika has arrived in Malawi via Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in the Capital Lilongwe.

Upon arrival President Prof. Peter Mutharika has warned all perpetrators of wildlife crime that Malawi is now fully armored to combat the malpractice.


Mutharika sounded out the warning Saturday at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe upon arrival from the United States of America where he attended the Congressional International Conventional Gala (ICCG).

“We now have enough resources to combat crime against wildlife and I warn all poachers, ivory smugglers and those who destroy wildlife that this is now war; your time is over,” said Mutharika who has also been honoured at the gala as a gallant fighter of crime against wildlife.

He however stated that the honour is not specifically his as an individual but rather for every Malawian and he has since challenged the general public to join in the fight of preserving wildlife.

During his visit to U.S, President Mutharika had also delivered a keynote address in which he had stressed his commitment in the preservation of wildlife.

On a different but equally important note, the Head of State disclosed that he had also engaged in bilateral and multilateral talks with leaders from other countries in efforts to enhance inter-country relations with Malawi.