Nigeria is sadly on the verge of collapsing and it appears that only secession or restructuring can save it from crumbling into the abyss. Dictator Buhari’s fraudulent regime has only subjected its citizens to unscrupulous name-calling:  “A dot in the hole,” “Ignorant.“

Nigerians have the right to call  for self-determination in a peaceful manner that does not contradict Nigeria’s constitution. But it seems Buhari’s regime is working underground to wage a war out of these peaceful demands.

Despite the killings and kidnappings orchestrated by his kinsmen, he has unsurprisingly refused to label killer Fulani herdsmen a terrorist organisation.

As a nation, we are still struggling to endure the hypocrisy, wickedness, bigotry, intolerance, lawlessness and injustice under Buhari’s regime.

 A good leader must be ready to listen to the yearnings and aspirations of his people, giving utmost priority to their demands.

The sovereignty of Nigeria belongs to the people and Buhari’s primary responsibility is to protect citizens from danger. 

 On the contrary, he hands us over to hyenas for consumption, as his kinsmen try to forcefully take over people’s lands across the country.

It is obvious that dictator Muhammadu Buhari does not want peace to reign in Nigeria.  With all the crises currently confronting us as a people, Buhari is rather talking about grazing reserves in the 21st century!

The former coup plotter’s mind is poisoned with hatred and bigotry. It is clear that this tyrant has not learnt anything from the history of those before him, such as Pharaoh whose life ended miserably.

When Pharaoh wanted to be destroyed, Moses and the people of Egypt warned him but he refused. There was nothing they did not tell him about allowing Israelites to go but he was hell-bent. He chased Moses and his people out of Egypt and ended his life inside the red sea. 

So, the clear truth is that, Buhari is not ready to unite the country in order to prevent it from crumbling. His latest display of hatred  towards Igbos cannot be overemphasised. Let no one argue it, Buhari cannot secure this country socially, economically and politically. We have all seen it.

Nigeria was built on the pillars of injustice, and a country that does not want justice to prevail, should not expect peace to reign.

The former coup plotter “forgot” that he overthrew a democratically elected president in Nigeria. Here lies the reason Buhari always calls every protest an attempt to remove him. He is also aware that he has so mismanaged Nigeria that oppressed people might rise against his regime of woes.

Dictator Muhammadu Buhari should stop threatening  us with “war” because the country is already at war. With the incessant killings left and right, or with the kidnappings of innocent people by the nomadic Fulani herdsmen, what other war is this tyrant threatening us with?

Nigeria is on the path of separation, the country is gradually becoming a desolate state, where lawlessness has been prioritised and fully endorsed by the vagabonds in power.

A country where injustice is being celebrated, arbitrary arrest, molestation of unarmed protesters, nepotism, killing of innocent people by the Fulani herdsmen headed by Mayetti Allah.

Meanwhile, the State Security Services (SSS) has not called the so-called Sheikh Gumi for interrogations over his affiliations with the terrorists he appears in photographs. 

Gumi has been spewing gibberish. He came out publicly to sympathise and even demanded amnesty for terrorists, yet no security agency in the country has picked him up for questioning, all because he is a Fulani man.

Nigerians need to reunite and  form a formidable force. We also need to resolve our grievances against the oppressors in power. For how long will Nigerians keep folding their arms and allow their family members to be killed by terrorists?

If Nigeria can get her independence through a roundtable discussion with British colonialists, what precisely stops Biafra and Oduduwa from getting independence in a similar manner?

Except we are deceiving ourselves, Nigeria is no longer a united entity. All that is left is the official declaration announcing an end to this forced marriage.

Now is the time to revolt against injustice and nepotism. Restructuring was part of APC’s fraudulent manifesto.

 They used it to deceive the electorates and secured a fraudulent victory.

 Therefore, going forward, we won’t and must not allow dictator Buhari to play on our intelligence.

Source saharareporters

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