Saulos Chilima(MaraviPost): “Mr President, Njoka saweta. Ena anayesera kuweta nsato koma mapeto ake inawadyera mwana. Those joining us just come to help build the nation” said Chilima during a campaign rally for 2019 elections held in Ndirande on Sunday.


The words spoken by Vice President Chilima which mean, You do not raise snakes, because one who tried had his sibling eaten by a python, were taken to mean by many in the media including the Maravi Post to caution the Malawi President Peter Mutharika against his close associations with one young Atupele Muluzi.



 Immediately after those comments we run a story indicating as such. We were however asked to UN-publish the story when we were approached by someone who we understood to be close to the Vice President that it was not what the Vice President meant to imply, far from the truth.


Out of respect to the office of the Vice President we un-published the article with the caveat that we expected an explanation from The VP’s office as to what he meant. We have waited for 24 hours and no explanation has been provided.


What should now be obvious to Saulos Chilima is that his remarks confused a lot of people and he left himself open to any interpretation. Many wondered why he did not take the lead in the 6 July independence celebrations as is the custom, instead it was Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe who played the lead role. Did this mean he was on his way out?


The Vice President’s office in Malawi has always been precarious. The appointment of Saulos Chilima who was not part of DPP to the Vice Presidency raised many eyebrows in the DPP. It is not a secret that some diehard DPP people have always questioned the wisdom of that choice and are worried that another accident might have history repeat itself where someone not royal to the DPP ascends to the Presidency.


One thing for certain is that Saulos Chilima did not make those remarks in a vacuum. He had to have had good reasons. However the VP has left things even more muddled and he owes many an explanation.


It should behoove him to clear up his remarks otherwise the ever active Malawi social media will go in high gear with all sort of conspiracies.

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