By Archie Andrews

An Indian beekeeper so depends in his bugs that he permits his face to be covered by 60,000 of them. The 24-year-old, known as Nature M.S., believes the honey bees to be his “closest friends” and keeps up he isn’t a hazard. Since he was seven years of age, nature has kept honey bees all over and dazzled its youth buddies with the stunt of Kerala.

He holds the Guinness World Record with his head completely covered with honey bees for the longest term, at astounding four hours, ten minutes and five seconds. 

Indeed, even master beekeepers may have unsafe unfavorably susceptible reactions – however Nature isn’t stressed over the opportunity of sticking his lips or eyelids, who claims he isn’t answerable for squeezes yet honey bees. 

He added that his dad, Sajayakumar, himself an honor winning beekeeper and a honeymaker presented him to the humming creatures at first. 

He commented, ‘A multitude of percolating bugs amassed in inside fifteen minutes as they covered my arm. 

They were on my hand looking for and ensuring the sovereign. The next day I played out a comparative demonstration with the sovereign on my head and my head and face were shrouded in almost no time.

‘The inform regarding my dad is continually in my musings and lessens disquiet or stress. 

‘My father consistently advised me to unwind and deal with the honey bees like a companion. He additionally encouraged me to inhale profoundly and never become irritated or be apprehensive. 

‘It wasn’t that simple from the outset however I never felt strange, truly I felt stunning 

‘I have been connected to the bumble bees directly from the absolute first experience. I had an extraordinary relationship with them even before I discovered that bumble bee stings are dangerous.” 

The chance of stinging all the rage or eyes doesn’t involve concern Nature, who claims he isn’t the honey bees yet any stings The risk of squeezing your lips or eyes isn’t stressing Nature, who claims he isn’t the honey bees however any stings 

For the most significant length of time he likewise holds the Guinness World Record with a head totally covered with honey bees and an astonishing 4 hours, 10 minutes and 5 seconds He likewise holds the Guinness World Record with a total honey bee head at a fantastic 4 hours, 10 minutes and 5 seconds for the longest span. Nature, viewed as a seven-year-old here, at first was presented to the percolating critters by his dad, Sajayakumar. 

Nature, considered as a seven-year-old, was first presented to the air pocket of his father Sajayakumar, an honor winning beekeeper and darling. Nature says he was stung by the honey bees, yet when it happens it is his duty and not theirs. He said: ‘A honey bee could never strike me with no shortcoming of mine.’ 

His eagerness for honey bees drove him to consider scholastic beekeeping and today he reads for a graduate degree at a school in Bangalore, India. 

He fantasies about taking a degree around here to shield the honey bees and become more acquainted with them better and to raise honey bees. 

Nature says: ‘Nectar is human’s top pick and best thing on the planet, everybody likes to have pleasantness. 

‘Honey bees are my dearest companions and I want others could like me additionally worship my buddies. I and my father started campaigning for honey bee protection and beekeeping. 

‘Individuals are as often as possible scared when honey bees are stinging. ‘The bumble bees are the main bugs in civilization and our commitment is to defend them. The world couldn’t take care of all without bumble bees.” 

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