Face App
Face App dominates Google search queries this week

Face App, has been generating a lot of buzz recently, according to tech Media reporting it was the most queried Google search term on Wednesday (100 000 searches) in South Africa, even more popular than Mandela Day (50 000).

The internet went crazy over the two-year-old app, which uses artificial intelligence to create a rendering of what users might look like in a few decades. Face App went viral as users posted their aged likenesses on social media in the #faceappchallenge.

However, the app garnered even more attention, and made more headlines, after concerns were raised by privacy experts, that the app (made in Russia) may pose a threat to users’ privacy as it stores photos on its servers.

US Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, even went so far as appealing to the Facebook to investigate the app.  Us Celebrities have also joined in

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