Abas Abdullahi Sheikh
Somalia attack: Minister Abas Abdullahi Sheikh killed in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU-(MaraviPost)– Somalia’s security solder, who last month shot dead a 31-year-old Government minister after mistaking him for a militant Islamist, has been sentenced to death.

The late Minister Abdullah Sheikh Abas, was killed in his vehicle near the Presidential palace in the capital Mogadishu.

According to BBC reports, the convict identified as Ahmed Abdullah, was sentence to death after being found guilty of killing the 31-year old and youngest minister in Somalia.


But Abdullah’s lawyers said they will appeal the sentence. They argue that the killing was an accident that’s the way court was supposed to judge it.

The lawyers added that the late Abas’ car attracted suspicion after it drove up behind the car carrying the Auditors General, who the soldier was protecting.

Somalia’s Security forces have been fighting with militants who carry out suicide and gun attacks in Mogadishu.

The troops are said to be on record sometimes, nervous and have previously shot officials and even each other by mistake.

Abas, the Public Works Minister was probably the highest-ranking official killed by friendly fire, who was a former refugee, grew up in Dadaab Camp in Kenya, which is home to hundreds of thousands of Somali who fled drought and civil war.

The late Abas became the country’s youngest MP last November aged 31, when he defeated a former minister.

Somalia held elections in February this year, and Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo, became the new President in a surprise result.

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