Supreme leader Wandale arrested in Lilongwe for false pretenses

By Maravi Post

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The controversial People’s Land Organisation (P.L.O.) Supreme Leader Vincent Wandale, is under police custody at Area 30 police station, The Maravi post has established.

The Supreme Leader was arrested over the weekend and is charged with spreading false rumours.

Wandale’s arrest comes a few days after his United States of Mulanje and Thyolo (MUST) Government inaguration failed to take place on Thursday last week.

Wandale confirmed through a post on his Facebook posting immediately after the arrest on Sunday afternoon.

He pleaded for his immunity and fair treatment in his capacity as head of state for two districts of Thyolo and Mulanje.

“I’m under arrest by Police for spreading false rumours. Viva MUST.

“I am Head of State and ought to be treated as such. The United Nations must make their views known on this. God knows,” said Wandale.

But the police have remained mum on Wandale’s arrest.

After failing to inaugurate his government on Thursday, the Supreme Leader revealed the colours of his party, which are Gold, Yellow and green.

Early this morning, he was also arrested alongside three other members of his group; they are being accused of obtaining money by false pretense.

About 54 villagers from Thyolo complained to Police that Wandale and the three accomplices obtained about K3.1 Million while promising to offer them free land.

But Wandale argued the money was for membership fee for his Government.

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