Tanzanian President John Magufuli is reported to be seriously ill with breathing challenges and has been hospitalized.

Details are still scanty about his condition but those familiar with the development say he contracted Covid-19.

The President who was hoping to avoid hospitalization given his stance had to give in due to reported deteriorating health condition.

Opposition Leader, Tundu Antiphas Lissu wrote on Twitter that Tanzanians deserve to be informed of President Magufuli’s health condition.

He said “The President’s well-being is a matter of grave public concern. We’re informed when Kikwete had prostate surgery. We’re told when Mkapa went for hip replacement.

We’re not kept in the dark when Mwalimu fought leukemia. What’s it with Magufuli that we don’t deserve to know?”

Last year, President Magufuli declared his country “coronavirus-free” saying the success was due to prayers by citizens.

He told worshippers in a church that “The corona disease has been eliminated thanks to God.”

Magufuli has been under criticisms for how his government has handled the entire pandemic in Tanzania.

The World Health Organization (WHO) expressed concern over the government’s strategy after it stopped publishing data the virus.

Last month Tanzania said that it doesn’t have plans of importing Covid-19 vaccines to protect citizens.

The country’s Health Minister Dorothy Gwajima said Tanzania is yet to decide whether or not it wants to import the Covid-19 vaccines.

Tanzania is already reeling under surge in infections and the virus related deaths.

“For now the government has no plans to receive the Covid vaccine being distributed in other countries,” Dr Gwajima said.

President John Magufuli has already warned health officials in his country against acquiring coronavirus vaccines.

Magufuli had said that the vaccines could harm the population, but he didn’t provide any evidence to back that claim.

“The ministry of health should be careful, they should not hurry to try these vaccines without doing research, not every vaccine is important to us, we should be careful. We should not be used as ‘guinea pigs’,” Mr Magufuli said.

He added that “Vaccinations are dangerous. If the white man was able to come up with vaccinations, he should have found a vaccination for Aids, cancer and TB by now.”

President Magufuli who believes in prayers and taking precautions, said “Many countries have lockdown, but in Tanzania there are no plan of lockdown and we’ll never introduce lockdown because our God is alive and he will continue to protects us.”

Tanzania says it has ‘no plans to receive’ Covid-19 vaccines

Source: Africafeeds.com


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