Saints Star Receiver Michael Thomas

According to a survey, many Canadians struggle with triskaidekaphobia which is the fear of number 13.

In 2021 Roland-Garros scheduled from 24 May to 13 June. Number 13 is unlucky, but it isn’t about the winner who will grab more than €34 million euros. Anyone can also win money at Guess what the colour of number 13 is on a roulette wheel? Of course it’s black. So why is the  number 13 considered cursed and who chose it on purpose among athletes? It’s a long story intertwined with legends and hypotheses. How come that diameter of all cirque arenas in the world is 13 meters square, but many elevators go straight from 12th to 14th floor missing an unlucky number.

   Maybe there is something Satanic about this number? Judas Iscariot was the 13th man sitting with Jesus, Christmas lasted for 12 days, no 13. In Norse mythology the negative God Loki also had a number 13 and he also betrayed his friend and came to his funeral like a thirteen gust. What the heck is going on here? The staggering story of number 13 is similar to swastika. Just imagine that a long time ago without any hints for social networks people from Asia to Carribean islands had similar symbols and beliefs. Any nation has its own appearance, national costume, but most of them fear #13. But not everything is so bad. 

NBA, NFL and MLB players who wore #13?

  • Do you know about the Wilt Chamberlain record? He is the only one player in the history of the NBA who scored more than a hundred points per game and he was wearing number 13 during his whole career. He holds many NBA records and was greatest in many aspects of the game with no difference in rebounding or three-point throws. No matter what team he played he was always the most valuable player.
  • Michael Thomas from New Orlean Saints. It’s impossible to call him unlucky with these achievements: 2x Pro Bowl, First-team All-Pro, NFL receptions leader and his biggest highlight so far is NFL Offensive Player of the year 2019. He has made nearly 6,000 receiving yards and 32 touchdowns. 
  • Now it’s time for MLB. There are many players with #13. Today we’ll speak about Manny Machado who is prominent not only because of his extreme skills, but also because of the richest contract for $300 million. Wow!  If you also like the thrill of risk and money, play casino games online free.

Where is number 13 considered lucky?

We guess that Manny Machando from the San Diego Padres is a great example that you can be above prejudices and superstitions. Imagine that somewhere number 13 is lucky, and it’s just right in the heart of Europe in France. Even though there were unlucky cases to the number 13 like arest of the Knights Templar on Friday 13th in 14th century, French believe that 13 is a lucky number and have a national Friday 13th lottery. Also in Italy the phrase “make thirteen” literally means hit the jackpot. Italy has a long gambling tradition and most likely they show solid reasons for this conclusion. 


Even though number #13 is considered unlucky in Christianity, Judaism and even Scandinavic mythology, there are many evidences that everything isn’t so bad. Roland-Garros final is scheduled on the 13th of June and French people consider number 13 like a lucky number. We wish best luck to Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic who are the men’s favourites in the tournament. We hope you enjoyed the reading. 

   We do not convince you that all fears and superstitions about number 13 are fake. Magical aspect is also important, because how come some people win millions of dollars in lotteries or in slots without any strategies. It’s been a long time since conversation about number 13 has started. At least what we can do is count on our own and be carefull. If there are some pros and cons about number 13, there is no debate that fate actually exists. What are your thoughts? Please give us feedback and share this article with your friends. Also stay positive, most of the time it keeps us away from bad decisions. Cheers!

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