Former president Bakili Muluzi

Men and women who fought and led the democratic vision of Malawi in the 1990s compromised its meaning and reality.

Democratic vision lost its opportunity to grow roots and flourish to the citizens across the country.

By choice or by chance our democratic heroes compromised the very foundations that defines true and total democracy.

The democratic vision fought so hard with sacrifices of blood and life got compounded by personality cult, kleptocracy, revisionism, buffoonery greediness, corruption, isolationism, self-enrichment, nepotism, tribalism and selfishness.

The curse of Malawi is the trend that has made uncommitted corrupt democratic pretenders who are greedy and serve the politics of the belly to keep being at the helm.

We need to change our state system to make true democracy have a meaning of practical actions.

Malawi must have an economic and ethnocentric vision that will invest in human capital development to ensure that citizens and local people lead the democratic VISION and prevent pretenders to be at state house or in the government.

Democracy that is peaceful, robust, totalistic managed  according to the principles of a developmental state, the rule of law, transparent, accountability, integrity, strong institutions and strong systems is what Malawi need after losing it for 25 years.

We need a mixed economic model that will jack up rural citizens in a hydraulic speed to end their myopic sight of literacy.

Rural citizens must be empowered economically as well as literally to curb ignorance over democratic system.

Malawi need to invest into the leadership that is broad, think outside the box, accommodative, free from fear, end ignorance and brain drain and opt to double invest on brain gain.

We must adopt a transformation that force us to invest in openness and knowledge economy whereby literacy and knowledge and skills are critical to economic growth and development.

We must get rid of democratic pretenders that have turned into autocrats and dictator-crats and promote a winning system to the citizens particularly rural villagers.

We must create participatory consultative democracy, alliance building and inter-sectoral collaborations and complementary synergies.

Democratic vision must have checks and balances to be reviewed every year by all stakeholders to ensure its survival and existence.

Democratic vision will see the light of time only if all stakeholders set high best practical benchmarks on which to build its solid agenda.

Citizens of Malawi particularly the learned class show lack of protective vision of democracy.

Leaders are taking advantage of the numbness of citizens to ensure the validity of the democratic VISION.

If one, or all of us are not part of the solution then we are part of the problem.

25 years is too long to keep learning about democracy. Total implementation is what is expected.

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