Jim Jumani Johansson (legal name:Jim Jumani Immanuel Masauko  Kamuzu Banda), was born at Ekwedeni Mission Hospital in Mzimba on May 2, 1973 with the label of a bastard, as he was born to a single mother former beauty queen and chief air hostess at Air Malawi, Miriam Kaunda.

Evidence of his bastard hood was his birth certificate that had no father listed. It was assumed his father is an Indian man called Jogee, living abroad.


Jumani’s upbringing


At the age of five, Jumani was officially adopted by his white Swedish step father Hakkan Johansson. He lived the good life, growing up in a developed country with his mother, stepfather, and sister.

Regardless of having all the monetary needs, Jumani lacked the knowledge of his father. All he was told was that his name was Jogee.

Throughout his youthful years, Jumani had questions about his roots, but he never got creditable answers.


At the age of 24, Jumani received a double blow as he was informed that his biological father had passed away, and that he was the former Life President of the Republic of Malawi DR. H. Kamuzu Banda.


Searching for his roots


Jumani passed away in Malawi on 15 January 2019. He had spent 22 hard and long years of trying to re-unite with his people from Kasungu; re-unite with the people of his late father.


His search began after the revelation by top Malawi Government officials that revealed his identity in 1997. He searched for answers and landed on one dead-end after another; until 2010 when he came to Malawi.


His trip, however proved problematic for him, because his relations, refused to acknowledge him, nor give him the right to prove himself through DNA tests.


News reports have highlighted the side of Kamuzu Banda’s adamant stand, citing that Jumani was a “gold-digger.” Attempts by human rights organization to help the youth also bore no desired end.


Numerous analysts have lamented that Jumani has gone to the grave, a bitter man, because he was not allowed to prove his heritage.

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