For an artist who is best known with songs like Unamata, Uncle short one, and Appetizer; listening to his brand new song Tsoka Liyenda would say for itself the new dimension his career is taking.

Released on Saturday, Tsoka Liyenda is Piksy’s first single to come out of his coming album which can ably be described as one of the albums currently most anticipated across the country.

This is the new face Piksy is wearing; the song is a fusion of a traditional touch with the voice of late Robert Gwirani on the chorus and Piksy’s trademark rap, lyrics and rhymes. It becomes Piksy’s first traditional blended piece.

Again, he interestingly slightly leaves his usual target audience which is mostly the youth and takes on parents how best they can handle their children to avoid future recuperations.

“Muziwaphunzitsa anawa/popangira pa mawa/asamayese ngati ophweka moyo/mukazapita adzakhala akapolo…”  (Teach the children for tomorrows sake.. do not let them think like life is simple, they will become slaves when you are dead)” goes one of the lines in the song.

Piksy explains to Malawi News Agency of the song in an interview:
“You can agree with me that some parents tend to spoil their children and most of them end up suffering after the parents are gone.

“My advice to them is to send the kids to school, let them learn, do not make their lives too easy to the point that they take it for granted,” said he.

He described the song which is a fusion of traditional and his rap trademark as a banger and also as one of his best releases so far.

“The song is good. I will let it speak for itself. I rate it as the most matured song I have done so far. Like I said; this album is all about maturity and stability. So this is just the beginning. I present this song which is enjoyable and full of pieces of advice,” he added.

The genius producer DJ Sley is the man behind the song.

However, the Airtel brands ambassador said his band was not involved in the production of Tsoka Liyenda but is rehearsing it already.

“Msamaiwale/kuti zanu munapanga kale/nzeru zanu sizingakhale/mungavutitse abale…” zokolora zomwe mudzale/chuma ichi sangasamale/ngati panopa simmuphunzitsa/mapangidwe ake mmukumupusitsa/tsoka ilo”

Do not forget that you already did your part/your wisdom cannot remain forever/ You’ll leave your relatives in trouble/they would not take care of the riches you invest/you are blinding them if you don’t  teach them now/that’s a curse…! Goes the advice in the song.

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