It is us, the educated, the rich, the well travelled, the experienced, the authority, the lucky that are betraying our fellow citizens, our poor brothers, sisters and children. Our actions, words and arguments about the future of Malawi are pathetic. Despite being in positions of influence, having resources to facilitate change, having connections for advancement, we are now so obsessed with personal power, glory and fame and totally forget our role in protecting what we call Malawi which is basically our own people.

During the struggle against colonialism and fight for independence and freedoms, the majority of the “NATIONALISTS” were the educated, yes the “Trousered blacks”. Despite the difficulties and cruelty standing before them, they stood up for justice and freedom. They did not fear death, arrests or loss of opportunities. To them, the future of everyone was what mattered. They formed the independent churches, the Native Associations, political organisations and fighting groups to defeat the colonial federation. They had no guns, they could not use them properly like John Chilembwe, but with great sacrifice, justice prevailed and independence was granted. We are a free nation today because of this struggle by the educated and enlightened of those days.

Look at the call for Multiparty Democracy in the 1990s, it was largely the educated, the rich and the exposed that made the appeal for more freedoms and rights for the people. Because the country had higher illiterate levels than during the colonial period, the call for democracy caught fire quickly and another battle for more freedoms was won.

Unfortunately, it is the educated, same people that hijacked the democracy agenda for personal gain. Most fo the advocates for democracy joined the mainstream politics and started enjoying the comfort of power. But to the surprise of many, they became very QUITE, they became hand clappers and never stood up for justice. They crossed the floor in the name of supporting the government of the day. They supported the abuse of power like the THIRD and OPEN TERM BILLS. We had lawyers drafting these bills and MPS supporting them in Parliament with huge sums of money exchanging hands. It is the educated that have joined the plundering of public resources feeding the “LARGE POLITICAL MOUTHS” in corrupt deals. Look how professionals have betrayed this country by aiding corrupt transactions as the CASHGATE. We have been defending regimes that are corrupt, and you wonder why?

Like COLLABORATORS (A Kapirikoni) of colonial government, we are backing leaders and politicians that their sole agenda is to get power, fame and quick money. Provided they share the booty, we are always smiling at their instructions. We behave like we are hopeless. As if all what we eat, dress and use come from the political podium. Look at CSO Leaders, RELIGIOUS Leaders, the ACADEMICIANS and Private sector Gurus. They become dead silent when appointed into boards, given corrupt money and they can be paraded n TVs to defend the indefensible. Some are paid to make FACEBOOK noise 24 hours misinforming the citizens.

WE CAN DO BETTER! Another struggle is before us. We have independence, we have multiparty democracy but we have poor governance contributing to our suffering as a nation. We have access to information, access to resources, but using these for personal glory is the curse we have.

Don’t you feel guilty you are supporting “THIS” aspiring candidate for wrong reasons. Don’t you think you are betraying this country by supporting candidates whose hidden agenda is to have power and plunder the economy further, yes whose agenda is to revenge or punish political rivals?

Malawi should move forward and you can help with this. Be A Middle class that contributes to national building.

If you are able to read this post, then you are the Middle Class! Give Malawi a Gift towards May 20 tripartite Elections.

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