Single party dictatorship is what countries like Malawi and the rest of the least developed countries in the world need in order to develop.

Multiparty democracy is a curse to countries that are not developed because it creates social and political disorder and confusion which leads to economic stagnation. In a multiparty democracy, politicians are always busy struggling for power. Every party wants to be the ruling party and does everything to frustrate government agenda instead of rendering support. The Opposition does not wish the ruling party to deliver and succeed because it is only when the ruling party fails that they stand a chance of taking over government. On the other hand, the ruling party always feels insecure and channels effort towards survival when they should be developing the nation. They try every desperate measure to spread their tentacles of influence in every hierarchy of government department and sectors of the society when they should be focusing on development.

In the end, what you have in a democracy are politicians fighting for the opportunity to rule and control our taxes while the nation stagnates.

Multiparty democracy works better in nations that are already developed and have citizens that are civilized and mature enough to govern themselves. Look at American politics even during Elections campaigns. Presidential candidates get busy digging into each others past to unearth useless dirt which has nothing to do with anybody’s ability to run government. What your husband did, how many girlfriends you had in primary school, when did you have your first sex, and similar nonsenses are part of what transpires in American democracy. But its because they are already developed and there is nothing serious to talk about.

Upon attaining independence African governments became dictatorships and pursued socialism which were both the very best of systems in the politics and economics of the tender nations, also considering their cultural background and history. Even the USA and Europe supported these dictatorships and forced none of them to practice democracy. They only deposed those dictators that were pro-Communist Soviet but still replaced them with other dictators.

It is my permanent suspicion that the USA and Europe forced multiparty democracy as another colonial strategy. After all they were no longer threatened by the Soviet Union. They knew that Africans wont be capable of handling multiparty democracy effectively just like they knew that North Africa and the Arab nations wont manage it either. They knew multiparty democracy will slow us down and they will have an upper hand in global and geopolitics having themselves already mastered democracy for hundreds of years and perfecting it in their favor for more than 2000 years.
My point is that you cant beat someone at a game he has mastered for more than 2000 years after you have only played it for 10 years. The Chinese and Russians knew this early enough and chose their paths. They created their own systems which America and Europe that seek hegemony had not mastered and could never master. As a result, both China and Russia are rising nations with great prospects of over taking the USA and Europe a couple of coming decades respectively without Western liberal democracy. And the USA and Europe are aware and very scared of that. Thats why every time they talk about China and Russia.

My conclusion is just as Dambisa Moyo argued that what an Africa country needs is not democracy but a “benevolent dictator” who will push the development agenda. And i am sure Malawi needs a dictator who can put the Opposition into a comma and paralyze it, and chase development goals in an environment of less meaningless political interference even from donors and instill social and economic discipline and security in the nation even by creating fear if necessary.

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